Youtube Music Vs Spotify, Which One is Best?

Are you confused about finding the best music app for you? Well, I was, “When I purchased my first smartphone”. So, to make sure you don’t face the same problem as me, I present you 2 music apps that I use the most- YouTube music Premium & Spotify. Besides, you will find bundles of music apps on internet gaana, jioSaavn, & newly launched Spotify & YouTube Music. But for now, we’re comparing YouTube music vs Spotify.

We’ll be comparing features and costing and we’ll give our personal opinion to choose the suitable one for you.

youtube music vs spotify
youtube music vs spotify

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YouTube Music vs Spotify | AUDIO QUALITY


YouTube music is one of the best audio quality apps. The arrangement or adjustments of bass, treble is just fantastic. One would love to listen to songs from this app and after headphones or earphones; your listening experience will touch the sky.


Spotify is the best in terms of audio quality, if we talk about ranking then I must rank Spotify Premium 1st in audio quality. If you are real music lover then you must choose Spotify, literally the sound quality is awesome without headsets or earphones. And it says if you buy Spotify premium then the audio quality will be 3 times pure then the ordinary one. MEANS EXTRAORDINARY AUDIO EXPERIENCE.

YouTube Music vs Spotify | APP INTERFACE


This app has an old school type layout, looks like inspired by YouTube

This app has a dark theme mode which looks classy and gives premium feel or I can say feedback. The USER INTERFACE is similar to YouTube.


This app has a modern type of layout with a seamless, smooth experience. This app also has a dark theme which is just fantastic.

The user interface is very optimised and neat. I personally think that Spotify’s in-app experience is fantastic. 

YouTube Music vs Spotify | PREMIUM SERVICES


  • costs around $1.22/month.
  • AD-Free experience.
  • New YouTube special series.
  • Background music (you can listen to music while the phone is locked).


  • costs around $1.67 in India in which you are getting AD-free experience.
  • 3x better sound quality.
  • You can download songs in your device.

YouTube Music vs Spotify | FREE VERSION


  • Videos along with the audio.
  • Cast Screen.
  • Almost every song at an instant.



  • Fantastic audio quality.
  • Over 40 million+ songs.
  • Best in-app interface.
  • Background music (you can listen to songs while the phone is locked).


YouTube Music vs Spotify | APP REVIEW  


This app is good in streaming songs for long hours and due to its video playback, this app becomes more useful as you don’t have to open YouTube to watch video songs which can be enabled and disabled in settings.

The cast screen feature is also very useful as I can view songs on a big screen but that lags many times and sometimes this app plays wrong songs with wrong names, you’ll definitely have some buggy experience and wrong songs problems just like me.

I don’t know if YouTube community is doing some work to overcome this problem but with its unique features and cost, I think these types of bugs are acceptable. YouTube should be doing work to overcome this.  


This app is fantastic in its field because the developers of this app designed this app in perfect manner that if you are not listening songs, you can just scroll or slide through this app literally this app interface is classy and the audio quality will attract you once but after premium you might fell in love which the audio quality.

This app merely has some bugs, I personally founded a single bug in this app, this app is smooth and background music without premium is an awful feature. In my opinion, this is the best music app until now. But this app lacks behind YouTube music as this app does has neither cast screen nor video along with audio, so a thumbs up for YouTube Music.


Both apps are good for you. I had mentioned all the features and my own review above. So, in the end, the opinion is yours, if you ask me about my recommendations then I will choose Spotify premium as I am not getting many features with the price of $1.67/month. Besides, the audio quality of Spotify is very nice and I think I can live with a 30-sec ad. after 5-10 songs.

If we move over to YouTube Music then I will prefer premium for this as I am getting background music which was free in Spotify but I am getting video songs too here.  Nowadays the trend of web series is high and I am getting new web series along with music and the cast screen feature is also fantastic.

BOTH APPS HAVE THEIR OWN FEATURES YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE WHICH PERFECTLY SUITS YOU.                                                            

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