WhatsApp Plus APK: Download Latest v14.0 for Android Devices [2022]

WhatsApp Plus Apk is the ultimate solution for all your messaging needs. Many of my friends discontinued the official version after using this apk. If you ask the reason behind this then I will say great features that excel over all the apps. For video calls, you can use skype as it is easy to manage different tasks with separate apps.

Whether it is text, picture, video, docs WhatsApp Plus Apk takes care of all. The developers are taking care of users by providing regular updates making it better day by day. Apart from adding new features, the apk covers loopholes making your data safe from any hacking attack. So, check out the detailed information for a better understanding.

WhatsApp plus apk

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What is WhatsApp Plus Apk?

WhatsApp Plus Apk is a modified version of the official app in order to provide extra features. The apk version is free from all types of irritative pop-up ads so you can happily chat with your loved ones without any issue. You can use up to 4 WhatsApp accounts on the same device. It is the best chat app that you have to try at least once.     

Features of WhatsApp Plus Apk

Some of the highlighted features of the WhatsApp Plus apk are as follows:-

  • It comes with foolproof anti-ban technology that keeps your account safe from any administrative actions.
  • Use multiple Whatsapp accounts on the same device with a max limit of 4 accounts giving you another reason to use WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can personalize the apk by customizing it with your choice of themes, font colors, widgets, pop-ups, etc.
  • Large file sharing allows you to send videos, audio files of 100MB in a single shot.
  • Enables password protection for stopping others to see your chats on your phone directly. 
  • Unlike the official version of the app where you can hide blue ticks after reading messages.
  • You can also hide typing that shows when you record or type a message.
  • Revok feature empowers you to read the messages that are deleted by the sender.
  • Check the real-time location of your friends simply by tracking on a map.
  • No one can block your account as you are using WhatsApp Plus apk.
  • As per your mood, you can enable or disable audio/video call receiving.
  • You can sort your messages from old to new or vice versa.
  • With WhatsApp Plus you can display status up to 255 characters.
  • All types of files are supported like PDF, TXT, Docs etc gives you the freedom to send any file that you wish to send.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus Apk on Your Android Device?

As WhatsApp Plus Apk is not available on Google Play store. I have shared apk file download link in order to use it follow the steps given below:- 

  • Take a backup of all your chats and media, you can do this by using OGWhatsApp Pro.
  • Now Uninstall the official version of the app.
  • Hit the download link given in the post and save apk file on your device.
  • Enable download from unknown sources.

WhatsApp Plus APK: Download Latest v14.0 for Android Devices [2022] 1

  • Now open Download manager and tap WhatsApp Plus Apk to install it on your device.
  • As soon as the installation completes the app icon will appear in your device menu.
  • Tap the app icon from your device menu to open it.
  • Fulfill the details demanded by the app.
  • After successful verification, you can start chatting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus Apk?

A- The apk file given in the post comes from a trusted source that is able to protect yourself from any type of malware or phishing attacks.

Q- Can we use it on the iPhone?

A- No, Currently it is not available for iOS devices.

Q- What is the size of WhatsApp Plus Apk?

A-  WhatsApp Plus Apk is a lightweight app with a file size of 52MB making it fit for any budget or low-end device.

Q- Do I need to root my device to use WhatsApp Plus Apk?

A- No, the apk file given in the post doesnโ€™t require any device root.


Still, have more questions? Mention all of them in the comment box given below. Our team of experienced writers will try their best to provide a researched piece of information in upcoming posts. This messaging app is really helpful and simple to use. You must download and try it as productivity can be increased by using multiple accounts. See you in the next post till then stay home stay safe.  

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