Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018


Video editing is one of the most demanding tasks in the nearest past and we go to tell about Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018. In the era of social media, everyone wants to update their fun videos with their friends and family. Editing and sharing videos with the social network is really a fun With the high demand the technology has devastated and there comes the innovation of such apps for video editing. Before that, it was the tiresome task to edit video.

It needed higher specifications for storage and other hardware and software, even it required the specialized knowledge to operate the software. But these apps have overcome the problem of such specialized software. These apps are easy to operate and comes with the basic function of the video making and editing as well as we can directly share these videos with our family and friend. It is really a fun activity to do. Let’s count the truly amazing and most trending video dubbing apps: –

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

1. Kwai App

Kwai is one of the most commonly used apps among Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018. You can earn fans by using this app. We can make, edit or share your short videos with your friends, family, and fans. You can even earn some money by sharing your dubbed videos. When our video is being watched and shared by a lot number of people, it not only makes you earn fans and popularity whereas you can earn coins and then convert coins into dollars. Moreover, this one is the most popular app with the largest database of users.

Features: –

  1. We can make short videos with phone only, no need for specialized video editing gadget.
  2. Videos can be cut, edit, merge according to our requirement.
  3. Lip sync is available where we can synchronize our lips movement to any song, movie, and drama, etc.
  4. Furthermore, latest movie scenes, music, and funny clips are available to choose from and edit videos.


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Musically is another social networking app among Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 which is globally popular. It is popular for dubbing, editing and making short videos. This was initially launched in China only but later it launched globally. It has a large database of songs, funny videos, drama, and music for dubbing and making short videos. Moreover, we can use the video effects and editing tools to make the perfect video for sharing with family, friends and social network.Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018


Features: –

  1. It has a large database of music clips, funny clips, songs, etc.
  2. It has a larger user database where we can join the community and share our video clips with them.
  3. is one of the best video sharing social networking app.
  4. It has many editing tools, video effects which include some 3D effects to make your video amazing.
  5. Furthermore, this is the unique app to represent our very own talent with family and friends for editing videos perfectly using – DOWNLOAD

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3. Madlipz

Madlipz is one of the dubbing apps among Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 which is used widely all over the globe. It is the same as all other social networking apps with the feature of video editing. It has a lot number of editing tools which are being used to create and edit short video clips. We can save these short clips as well as share with the network of family and friends. The main feature of this app is Lips synchronization. We can voice over the clips with the available short clips with lips synchronization.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

Features: –

  1. It has a feature of making a mashup by making one single clip.
  2. We can add many different video formats and edit those videos as per our taste.
  3. You can easily get popularity by creating funny or humorous videos.
  4. You can watch the most funny and viral video just by swiping some screens.

madlipz: – DOWNLOAD

4. Like-Magic Video Maker And Community

This is one of the best apps among Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 which is available with some 4D effects. It is like a fairy tale app for girls. Using this app is like to give wings to the imagination of girls is one of the best tasks to do. There are a lot number of tools and the different background for available dubbing short selfie videos. This app has features and controls like superpowers. Using this app is like being a magician. Moreover, this app is being popular among girls for creating short fairy tales and among boys for creating short stories with superpowers. It is the most fun fill app. Furthermore, this app is like a magic tool for the user, using which you can create short stories with your imagination.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

Features: –

  1. It has unique features of adding 4D filters to your image.
  2. We can add dialogues by selecting the large database of available ones.
  3. It has introduced the first-ever technology of 4D by editing background, surroundings, foreground and other features.
  4. Furthermore, we can add almost 10 features of superpower which can make your videos fantastic.
  5. We can even use this tools, filters while broadcasting yourself live using this app.

Like-Magic Video Maker And Community:-  DOWNLOAD

5. Vigo Video-Formerly Hypstar

Vigo video is the most popular apps among Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 for creating short, funny and creative videos. We can be friends with the millions of people. You can earn rewards as well as cash prize by creating and sharing short videos of 15 seconds. You can win rewards for shorter videos. Moreover, it has the best editing tools for editing videos and adding beautify contents to it.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018Features: –

  1. It has the best quality video editing and beautifying tools.
  2. You can show your artistic creativity by editing video and making them the shortest.
  3. You can get rewards as well as cash prizes for your editing, creating and sharing shorter videos.
  4. We can create selfies, by beautifying the face, removing blemishes, smoothing skin, etc.
  5. Latest music, songs and movie clips can be added to our short videos.

Vigo Video-Formerly Hypstar: – DOWNLOAD

6. Lip Sync By Dubsmash

This app is one of the Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 which is exclusively to create funny videos to share with family, friends and social network. It has the largest database of sounds including songs and music. We can use these sounds for creating funny lip sync videos to share over our network. We can find and use the sounds of our favorite characters and TV actors. Moreover, this one of the most enjoyed app for watching and making dubs of Bollywood dialogues.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

Features: –

  1. We can easily make and share fun clips using Bollywood popular dialogues and songs.
  2. In addition, shorter funny clips are most enjoyed as well as shared by the community of people.

Lip Sync By Dubsmash: – DOWNLOAD

7. Yedub

Yedub is the best app among Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 to express your feelings and share it with your family and friends. We can capture selfie videos and edit it to make funny short videos. You can express your feelings my adding sad, romantic, gazal, inspirational songs to your selfie videos. There are a lot number of categories in this app for selecting the song as per your feeling or mood. You need to select the category first for editing video according to your mood. You can search for a particular song by typing in the search bar.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

Features: –

Let’s count the features of this app: –

  1. First of all, we can create, save and share videos by editing our selfie clips.
  2. We can select the song of our choice the express our feelings.
  3. Music is available in the large database including songs of many different categories including, love, hate, sad, togetherness, loneliness, etc.
  4. We can dub our selfies with the Bollywood songs and dialogues.
  5. Furthermore, we can even earn money by share and create dubbed videos of yours.

yedub: – DOWNLOAD

8. Live Me-Go Live And Earn Real Money

It is one of the largest community/apps from the Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 for broadcasting yourself and your live videos. We can share these live videos with our family, friend, and network circle. These broadcast videos can be shared on other social networks also like Instagram. You can even use these broadcast community to get popular and brand yourself. Moreover, you can even be a friend with celebrities, star, community influencers and other popular names.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

Features: –

  1. It is a big community app for networking and sharing videos.
  2. You can search and watch the new videos shared by your friends and earn virtual gift which can be convertible to actual cash.
  3. You can search, meet and catch up new or old friends over this community.
  4. We can broadcast our self live and earn 20K-30K dollars per week, using this application.

Live Me-Go Live And Earn Real Money: – DOWNLOAD

9. Vmate-Your Best Video Tube Mate And Video Maker

Vmate is the best platform among Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018 for creating, editing and sharing your own selfie videos. It is one of the best editing platforms with all the basic tools available for editing videos easily and quickly. You can share your great moments and stories over this platform or you can follow or watch stories of other creators who have shared amazing as well as funny videos. Moreover, there are a large number of videos available over this network for searching and exploring the fantastic places of India being shared by many people.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

Features: –

  1. We can shot, edit and share our videos using this platform.
  2. There are many different tools available for editing and beautifying our videos.
  3. We can follow the popular names as well as star celebrities.
  4. Furthermore, we can follow the great stories shares and watch their stories to get motivated and inspired.
  5. The events and contests initiated by the vmate app host. we can participate and earn rewards from these contest and events.

Vmate-Your Best Video Tube Mate And Video Maker:- DOWNLOAD

Follywood – Dub Movies  

This app is absolutely opposed to the other dubbing apps. This app has a feature to record audio clips rather than the videos. There are multiple numbers of videos available in this app for dubbing. There is much fun to make the video of putting your words in others mouth. We can add voice over to the selected videos of our own choice. Moreover, we can even share these dubbed videos over the other social media networks.

Top 10 Trending Video Dubbing Apps of 2018

Features: –

  1. We can record multiple audio tracks at a time.
  2. We can easily share our videos over other social networks just by single click.
  3. The maximum video size is 30 seconds.
  4. Furthermore, we can even mute the individual sounds of the video.
  5. We can preserve sound effects as well as background music or videos.
  6. Synchronization of the recorded audio track to the available videos is the main feature of this app.

Follywood – Dub Movies: – DOWNLOAD

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