Stormfall Age of War: Best Strategy based Game Ever?

Stormfall Age of War is an online browser game that you can play in your Facebook account. Plarium created Stormfall Age of War in 2012. However, later Facebook bought in November. Plarium created this game after the success of earlier released Facebook games in the PvP strategy category of the game. Moreover, globally, Plarium has a total registered user base of 250 million users.

Since the release of Stormfall age of the war on Facebook, this has become the fastest growing game globally. After the success of this game, Facebook released Stormfall: Rise of Balur as a sequel of this game. Moreover, Plarium released an app that allows you to play this game without a browser. But, still, due to the lack of Android App, this game is left behind for Android users. However, launched another game known as Gates of War for Android Users.

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Storyline of Stormfall Age of War

stormfall age of war

Your player is introduced to Age of War via a voiced narrator, which is quite rare to find in a browser-based empire game. Then, you will be directed to the sarcastic and entertaining character of Lord Oberon. He will explain the fundamentals of the game during a lengthy series of beginners quests, serving to define the initially overwhelming interface of the game. Most of his instructions in the game are practically funny, and the best thing is that the voice actor delivers all his lines perfectly with the right amount of sarcasm. However, the bad thing is that Lord Oberon disappears right after you grow through the beginning ranks, and the game returns to a text-based experience after the Lord finishes his initial instructions.

Gameplay of Stormfall Age of War


The strategy is the priority that you need to get a victory in your fight for Stormfall. In this game, you have to fight for Beacons and Settlements. So, to get a win, you have to join one of the great leagues of Winterfell, or you can create your league.

Now, you have to carefully, plan your strategy and to smash the Hordes of Balur; you have to provide your cooperation to other lords of your league. Moreover, if you want t earn individual and associated achievements, then you achieve them by defeating rival leagues.

In addition to this, Stormfall Age of War allows you to make unique alliances with other Lords. Moreover, in times of need, you can help other lords by providing scrolls, resources or Reinforcements. There are many ways for you to the throne of stormfall, and some of them are Brute force, diplomacy, cooperation, or treachery.


If you are a lord of Stormfall, then you have to create a magnificent palace for you and your people. Later, you have to defend your castle time to time from the attacks by your enemy. In the battle, you have to use the full strength of your castle against your enemies. Moreover, your villa will be the primary source for the wealth and resources of your kingdom. You can use these resources for your army as a centre to grow your domain.

Moreover, the development of your castle is up to you. You can either customize. Upgrade or develop your castle — one thing you have to keep in mind that your choice will determine your success on the battlefield.


When stormfall was at its glory, the scribes and mages managed to master many secrets. However, these secrets are now lost in the stormfall. So, if you learn these Lost Arts, then it will give you an edge over your enemies. The main reason is these arts allow you to construct new buildings, wield mythical beasts and train new Units. You can use some frightening engines of war against your opponents.

To collect lost art, you have to collect ancient Scrolls. Don’t get confused! When you play Stormfall age of war, the Scribes will decrypt one Scroll every time. Moreover, if you want you can trade your scrolls with other Lords in your Market. One thing you have to keep in mind that you can upgrade these lost arts to increase the performance of your units and buildings.


Do you want to victorious in Stormfall age of war? If yes, then you have to manage three main resources available in your kingdom, and they are Food, Iron, and Fold. When you start your journey to support your war effort, then you will need Townhouses, farms, and mines. Moreover, it will be added advantage, if you trade with other Lords at the Market. The reason for this is that the resource field in each castle is different.

How to Download Stormfall Age of War in your PC

  1. If you can’t wait to play Stormfall Age of War on your PC/Laptop, then click on the DOWNLOAD to start downloading the Plarium play app officially launched by the developers.
  2. Tap on install to start downloading Gates of War. It’ll take around only 1 MB of your internet data.
  3. Now, open the game and connect your Gmail or Facebook account to start playing Stormfall Age of War on your PC/Laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can I play this game on my Smartphone?
A- No, it is not possible for you to play Stormfall Age of War on your smartphone. You can either play in the browser of your PC or Plarium App. Moreover, I have already provided a link to download the app.
Q- Is this a Paid Game?
A- No, Stormfall Age of War is a totally free game. However, you will need an active internet connection.
Q- Can I play this game on my Low-end PC/Laptop?
A- Yes, you can play. Your pc/Laptop should have at least 1 GB of Ram.
Q- Is the Plarium app safe to use?
A- Yes, it safe to use. Moreover, Plarium officially launched this app.


To conclude, I will say that the Stormfall Age of War is similar to any other strategy game. You have to maintain a balance in creating resources such as improving the city, building an army, and investing in beneficial upgrades that can play a crucial role in your success. However, if you have any playing or downloading the Stormfall Age of War game then feel free to ask us via the comment section.

If you love playing the Stormfall Age of War, then don’t forget to rate it out of 5 stars as it encourages us to provide more valuable information about gaming.

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