Remove China Apps APK: Download Now to Identify Chinese Origin Apps 

Remove China Apps APK is a popular app developed by Indian developer. It became very viral just after its release in Indian Subcontinent. Within a while, the app crosses more than 5 Million downloads justifying its usability. After pressure created by Chinese developers, the app is removed from Google Play Store.

No need to worry as Today I will provide you with the download link of Remove China Apps APK. The specific reason behind its popularity is current border tension over India-China Border. Even This app can be a global hit due to COVID 19 issue and its relation with China. All this can help to boycott Chinese apps from their lives.

remove china apps apk

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What is Remove China Apps APK?

Remove China Apps APK is designed to inform you about the developer origin. The Indian developer OneTouch App Labs created this for a special cause. Yes, the app is an attempt to help people easily differentiate on the basis of their origin. The app became famous and one of the most downloaded app in Indian Subcontinent.

As per my own experience, the app works pretty well. Many of my friends used it and uninstalled some unsecured apps. Some of them complained that the app ignores pre-installed apps. For me, it’s not a bar as you need to root the device in order to uninstall that app.


Some of the highlighting features that make Remove China Apps Apk one of its kind are as given below:-

  • It can scan your device and provide notification for all Chinese developer apps.
  • Apk comes with tiny file size making it suitable for all Android devices.
  • Doesn’t bound you to register, just use it directly after installation on your device.
  • Automatic notification every time you install an app other than Google Play Store.
  • User-friendly interface that can be used by persons of all age groups.
  • The apk will never access your personal data and makes it safest to use.

Download Remove China Apps Apk on Your Android Smartphone?

Remove China Apps Apk is the latest attempt to get users rid of Chinese developers apps on the go. Google Play Store removed the app as Chinese developers made pressure bounding them to remove it. Remove China Apps Apk is suitable for all kinds of Android devices and you can download it from here to do the same.

Overview Information

NameRemove China Apps
DeveloperOneTouch AppLabs
Size3.84 MB


How to Install Remove China Apps APK on Your Android smartphone?

  • First of all tap on the apk file of Remove China Apps.
  • Do not forget to enable download from unknown sources always downloading apk other than Google Play Store.

remove china apps apk

  • Tap the install button to start the installation.
  • As soon as the installation completes an app icon will appear in your device menu.
  • Tap the app icon to open it.
  • Now fulfil the details required by the app.
  • You are all done now you are able to use Remove China Apps APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the file size of Remove China Apps Apk?

A- Remove China Apps Apk comes with a tiny file size of 3.84 MB making it suitable for all kinds of Android devices including budget and low-end smartphones.

Q- Is it safe to use Remove China Apps Apk on your smartphone?

A- Remove China Apps Apk is developed by ONETOUCH APP LABS. The developer is well known for its trusted apps that are efficient enough to safeguard your device from any kind of hacking attacks.

Q- Why It Is Not Available on Google Play Store?

A- As we all know Chinese developers play a major role in Google play store. Hence pressure from Chinese lobby forced them to remove the app. No need to worry as you can download the same from our website.

Q- Why Remove China Apps Apk called safest?

A- The app doesn’t seek any permission from your side meaning it never gains any access to your data making it safest to use.


That’s all for today, I hope you are very happy after knowing the origin of your day to day apps. If you love to spread the educational move share it with your friends and family members. Do not forget that Remove China Apps APK is no more on Google App store download it from the download link given in the post.

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