Pubg Mods – How You Can Become Invincible

PUBG Mod is a cheat which can help you get aimbots, improved aim assists, instant kill, wallhack, and many more that can be useful for you to beat your enemies without the implementation of any appropriate gaming strategy. So, there are several pubg mods that are available for you to use in pubg mobile.

However, Out of all those PUBG mods, the Wallhack and Aimbot are the most popular one. The wallhack allows you to see enemies behind the wall whereas Aimbot enables you to aim towards your opponents. Well, there are some PUBG Mod Apk are available in the market, but, as it’s 2019, the modded file doesn’t work as it’s difficult for them to work on the online game. Moreover, you will not get experience while using the modded file.


Therefore, I will show you a PUBG Mobile Script through Game Guardian to hack some in-game items of PUBG Mobile that we will be using. However, for those who don’t know much about Game Guardian, then let me tell you that Game Guardian app is one of the best apk for hacking pubg which you can use to hack almost every popular apps and game.

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Why You Need PUBG Mods?

pubg mods

If you want to dominate the game, then you need to develop your in-game skills like Aiming, the ability to judge the location of your enemies and much more. However, Mastering these skills is not an easy task, so in this case, you need to use the PUBG mods.

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Important Points You Need to Follow Before Using Pubg Mods

  • You should play pubg with mods carefully. If someone notices that you are hacking than they might report you.
  • Don’t try this if your smartphone is not rooted.
  • Don’t use mods on your primary account because it might get a ban.
  • Be Aware of sites that tell you to do a survey before performing a hack.
  • I do not recommend the use of cheating tools on PUBG Mobile, and it can even cause damage to your device. So, Apps like Lucky Patcher, Freedom APK and many other famous game hacking apps can lead to the permanent ban of your account. Moreover, only the safest method for you is Game Guardian on Android devices, which is least probable to get detected.

Types of Pubg Mods

pubg mods
pubg mods types
  1. Wall Hack –  It allows you to see other players through walls, to reveal their location. It displays an outline of opponents, or their skeleton, to you if they are nearby you. So you can use the information to your advantage and kill the hidden opponent. Moreover, If you are smart, then you can use a wallhack and remain undetected by following precautions.
  2. AimBot – It is used If you want your bullet to hit the opponent directly.
  3. Speed Mod – It increases the speed of your player. By using the speed mod, you can go from Pochinki to Gatka in seconds.
  4. Recoil Control – Almost every weapon in pubg has some recoil.  You can either learn to control it or hack it. For example, you can kill your enemy by a headshot from far away using AKM(as it has high recoil).
  5. God Mode – This mode makes you invincible because you won’t lose your health whenever some shoots at you.
  6. Infinite Ammo –  with this mod you don’t need to worry about reloading the gun after using one round of the magazine. Therefore, It will automatically reload a gun for you.

How You Can Use PUBG Mods

  1. First of all, you need is a rooted smartphone. However, if you don’t have a rooted smartphone then don’t bother following the steps.
  2. Secondly, you need to do is download and install game guardian apk in your smartphone (Note-  allow installation of the game guardian app from unknown sources in the security settings).
  3. Once the installation process of game guardian completes, open it and then minimize it before running the PUBG mobile game.
  4. Download an install Strange Vpn. Enable it before playing pubg.
  5. So, when the game loads completely, tap on the Game Guardian icon that you can see on the screen and after that click on the “Execute Script“ present in the menu option.
  6. In the next step, locate the folder where you have saved the PUBG Mobile.lua script and then tap on ‘Execute.’
  7. The game reloads, and all you’ve to do is tap on the Game Guardian icon and select the option ‘New Bypass’ before the Tencent logo.
  8. Moreover, once the script loads in the game and you can select various hacks. For example, if you want to implement the Wallhack, then choose the Wallhack menu and later choose the option as per your requirement.


Q1. Is Pubg mod Legal?

Answer. No! Hacking PUBG Mobile is not legal. You can even get banned from the PUBG Mobile servers.

Q2. Is the Game Guardian tool free?

Answer. Yes! It is entirely free of cost to use.

Q3. Is the Game Guardian tool safe to use?

Answer – It is safe and secure to use and supports every Android version.

Q4. Can I jump or skip the Leagues with pubg mods?

Answer. No! It’s not possible to jump or skip leagues.

Q5.  Can I hack Battle Points or any other items?

Answer. Yes, it is possible to hack BP points, however, if you close the game once then all the things which you’ve changed will reset to default.

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Final Words

To conclude, I would say that Pubg is indeed a very addictive game. Moreover, after the addition of mods, you can do almost anything in pubg. You can improve your in-game rank by getting chicken dinner in every game with a high number of kills.

Moreover, these mods have their own sets of pros. and cons. It would be best if you use these mods at your own risk as they may lead to a ban on your account. Additionally, I advise you to use these mods smartly.

However, if you are facing any issue in using pubg mods then feel free to contact me via the comment section and don’t forget to give your valuable star rating below.

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