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PUBG is the short form the full form is PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds it is multiple player games of battle royal style genre. Which is developed by PUBG Corporation itself a subsidiary of Korean Gaming company named Bluehole the game is not first among this genre there are a number of games already exist but the way PUBG executed made it popular.

The concept of PUBG is a number of peoples are released on an island, who survives last is the winner you must have seen meme people putting on social media winner winner chicken dinner this thing you will experience when you win the game. In order to achieve this, you have weapons, shot to kill, avoid danger. Every match begins with a number of 100 players each player has to compete among them some players can be with teams while others are alone let’s have look on things you get onboard are

pubg lite
PUBG Mobile Lite
  • PUBG Protections you get – In PUBG you will get equipment which will protect you are a helmet, vest, a backpack each one can be upgraded to different levels.
  • PUBG Arms & Ammunitions you get – In PUBG you can choose from a wide variety of weapons like:
  1. Pistols
  2. Sub Machine Gun
  3. Shotgun
  4. Assault Rifle
  5. Designated Marksman Rifle
  6. Sniper Rifle
  7. Hunting Rifle
  8. Light Machine Gun
  9. Throwables
  10. Melee Weapon
  11. Flare Gun

These all weapons come with various attachments which will help you to play more efficiently.

There are several maps available you can choose it yourself some of them are:

pubg lite
PUBG all maps
  • Erangle –It can be named as PUBG original map consist of features like mountains, rivers, beaches, ocean surrounding the entire map its size is 8 by 8 kilometers.
  • Miramar – Miramar is a desert map favorable for long-range battles you have to move through open terrain and rocky mountain size is same as erangle.
  • Sanhok – Sanhok is a forest map it is favorable for close-range battles you have to move through tropics, ruins, towns, & abandoned military complexes size is 4 by 4 kilometers
  • Vikendi – This is a snow map accommodates both close range and long-range you have to move through buildings, open snow-covered terrains map size is 6 by 6 kilometers

How to Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

pubg lite
How To Play PUBG

PUBG is a game where fittest survival wins this doesn’t mean to be the most aggressive player wins one must know when to assault and take a step back must know your strength and weakness as most players want to excel in every type of situation provided in PUBG. Use in the game voice as it can help you to identify where shots are fired which cars are moving etc you can have a detailed controls overview here are basic playing guide:

Run game -> Go to lobby ->Select the mode type (Solo, Duo, Squad) -> Click play -> Once matching done you will automatically enter the game

Modes available to play PUBG Mobile you can choose it by yourself some of these are:

  1. Solo – You have to compete in 99 players
  2. Duo – You have to play with a colleague
  3. Squad – You have to play with a team consist of 3 or more people.

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PUBG Mobile Lite for all android devices  

From the day of its release in 2016 PUBG has made a sensation in the gaming industry it is not only super popular but also addictive and established itself as a money-spinner. The makers of PUBG released its mobile version on 9 February 2018. It became a massive hit on the mobile platform as well and earned mass followers. While enjoying the popularity it also faced hurdle on budget mobiles as ram consumption is high and budget phones could not afford that. Now Tencent gaming the makers of the legendary game has come forward with PUBG Mobile Lite which is specially designed for budget or low ram mobiles.

What is the difference between PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile lite

pubg lite

To accommodate budget mobile PUBG Mobile made significant changes which will give you an extremely different experience major differences that you will find in PUBG Mobile Lite are as follows:

1.Smaller Squad – PUBG Mobile Lite will feature 40 players only not 100 as in regular version but the smaller squad will give you a fast-paced action throughout the game.

2.New Map – PUBG Mobile Lite will help in reducing source consumption and provides fast-paced action.

3.Graphics – It is one of the main features of PUBG as graphics were awesome and widespread but in PUBG Mobile Lite will have a drop in graphical content to make it faster and smoother experience on budget mobiles.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite

pubg lite
How to download pubg mobile lite

PUBG Mobile Lite which is much less forceful version of the game and delivers efficient performance on a budget or low ram phones as well right now the game is available in the Philippines only on Google play store

Developer: Level Infinite
Price: To be announced
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot

But rest of the world have to wait but we are telling you the procedure of how you can play PUBG Mobile Lite in any corner of the world.

  1. Click on official website of pubg mobile lite.
  2. Download PUBG MOBILE LITE.
  3. Enjoy the game


In the end, I would like to mention that the most popular game of this time is PUBG Mobile Lite and now it is adapted to run on budget or low RAM devices but currently available in the Philippines only but providing you tips & tricks to play PUBG Mobile Lite no matter you live anywhere around in the world. Enjoy it and don’t forget to mention in comments which game you would love to feature next.

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