Power Clean – Lightning Fast Optimized Cleaner (Premium)

Is your phone slow? or your phone lags as it is filled with the trash files? if yes then I got a perfect solution for you POWER CLEAN. Power clean is a very light app that clears your all temporary files, junk files and provides you with extra free space and this app comes with an antivirus which keeps your phone safe from viruses and malware.

Power clean is one of the best phone cleaner apps I have ever used and this app boosted my device performance much more than others. This app has the ability to boost the performance of a 2GB ram phone so you can think about how good the optimization level of this app has.

power clean
power clean

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Why Power Clean?

There are lots of features and advantages which make power clean other than other phone optimizers. the size of power clean is just is 6.0 MB can be a bit more in your device and I think we phone users don’t need or want big cleaning apps as they will also eat a lot of space of the phone. So, its time to say goodbye to big cleaners.

Power Clean App Features

1.Junk Cleaner

This app probably has the best and smartest junk cleaner as this app cleans junk very fast and does not put a load on the processor the phone runs in a perfect manner and this app does not clear data of your apps.

And this app lets you choose which file you want to delete and which not.

2.Memory Boost

Power clean boosts your phone in a very systematic way. When you tap on memory clean it just takes 1 sec and then it gives a green signal with a tick and this app doesn’t close any of your running apps that are impressive and the boosts are very optimised and your phone runs very smoothly.

3.Battery Saver 🔋

In battery saver, the power clean stops the background running apps which are not in the taskbar and using ram. This app gives you options for choosing the apps which you want to close and which you want to keep in the background. Background running apps are just for the user as if apps are running in the background then they will open fast and power clean battery saver is okay so you can’t expect very much backup.


Power cleans offers you their inbuilt antivirus so you don’t need to buy or install any other antivirus app. The antivirus just checks any malware or any other antivirus app.

Other Useful Features

1. Applock

This feature is useful for those whose phone does not have an app lock so you don’t need to download an extra app just for app lock this app provides you with an app lock along with other good features.

2. Notification Cleaner

Tired of a bunch of unwanted notifications? This app comes with a notification remover so that you’ll not get unwanted notifications and your notification bar will only show you important notifications. this app doesn’t delete notifications, this app just silent them and store in its notification bar so if you want to check notifications then you can.

Additional Features

Cpu Cooler, Game Boost, Network Analysis

If your phone heats a lot then you may use this app and cool your phones’ CPU because heat can kill your phone.

If you are a gamer then you must use game booster because game booster stops all background running apps and provides you with a better gaming experience in graphics, smoothness.

By Network analysis you can know which app is consuming your internet and slowing down your network speed and you can stop the app and it shows you the real-time network speed.

Power Clean Premium App Features

  1. Removed sponsored banner layout from the power clean app entirely.
  2. You will not see any ads banner in the table mode.
  3. The layout of Facebook native ads is resized to 0.
  4. Several features are forced to disable on the result page.
  5. No popup on exit.
  6. Sending anonymous data is disabled by default.
  7. Lockscreen ads are resized to 0 while charging.
  8. Activity menu has removed ads calls.
  9. Suggested apps are disabled on the result page.
  10. Family Lion ads are removed from the new menu & toolbar menu.

NOTE: This App Displays ads, for an ad-free experience you have to buy the premium version which costs is around 132rs/month but you can download Power Clean premium version free of cost from WWW.APKBOOTH.COM just click to the DOWNLOAD button and enjoy the amazing ad-free experience 😉

How to Download Power Clean for Android and Ios?

For Android

  1. Connect your phone to the internet.
  2. Open Play store and search power clean.
  3. Click on the icon below to direct download and enjoy 😉 the services.

Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner
Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner
Developer: LIONMOBI
Price: Free+
  • Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner Screenshot
  • Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner Screenshot
  • Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner Screenshot
  • Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner Screenshot
  • Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner Screenshot

For Ios

  1. Connect your phone to the internet.
  2. Open the app store and search power clean.
  3. Click on the icon below to go to the app store directly and enjoy.😉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


A. Yes, this app is absolutely paid but if you want an ad-free experience you don’t have to pay for it. I suggest you download this app from www.apkbooth.com and use this app without ads.


A. Yes, this app really works even I am using this app on my phones and my experience with this app is fantastic.


A. Yes, the antivirus really works in detecting and clearing the viruses but antivirus takes time.


A. The game booster really affects the graphics I play PUBG the most and my graphics runs perfectly with no frame drops, so I’ll suggest you game booster if you play games a lot.


Power clean is a very powerful cleaning app that can optimize your old smartphone. If I had to choose a phone boosting app then I would pick this app and I am using this app and I personally love this app’s optimization and the interface is easy to use and the app is giving you some extra features in just 6-10 MB of size. Means small size, easy to use, extra features are in one app. So, these all things make this app to stand out a chance in my list.

I ❤️ this app! I like how it speeds up my phone and cleans up the junk, and also scans if there is a threat. I ❤️ this app a lot.

4.9/5 - (7 votes)


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