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Polysphere is a brand new 3D puzzle game that you can play on both Android and iOS smartphone. After its release on Dec 23, 2018, it has been downloaded by 10 million+ Android users.

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Polysphere Gameplay

When you start with Polysphere, its Gameplay makes you think of another favourite puzzle game on Android known as Polygon. Moreover, your primary objective is to rotate the pieces in all the directions to recreate a complete 3D picture. Its controls are simple to use and allow you to enjoy this game with just one finger. There is no time limit for you on each level, so you can try all possible ways to create a complete picture.

So, now, you might be wondering about Polysphere photos. Let me tell you that these are all beautiful works of art looking similar to 3D images that you see in the art exhibitions. It is built with beautiful graphics, along with a gentle sound effect, appropriate for your relaxation. Moreover, if you like the gameplay of Polysphere, then I will recommend you another game that is known as Fortnite as it can help you in building your creativity.

What’s More in the Polysphere Game?


The answer is no. All you have to do is to recreate the pictures from the available puzzle pieces. After recreating the images successfully, your photo will be added to the collection of photos. Moreover, you can review each of them at any time. Additionally, it allows you to save the picture to your device’s gallery or share a picture on your Instagram account. However, the only drawback in this game is that you might see some ads sometime in the game. However, if you don’t want to see the ads, then the only option for you is to turn off the network connection.

How You Can Unlock the Entire Photos in the Game?

There are some in-game puzzles that you need to open before you play. Moreover, you can unlock the mysteries by watching ads by using Diamonds. As you know, Polysphere is available an Android OS as well as iOS. However, if you want to enjoy the game seriously, then you need to make lots of payments by using real cash in the game. So, despite being a good game, this is another drawback of Polysphere as not everyone can afford the in-game purchase.

So, if you can afford to unlock puzzles using real money, you need to unlock two pictures including Cat and Unicorns for $ 1.99. However, if you want to crack more mysteries, join the Diamond Membership for only $ 7.99 per week or $ 19.99 per month. This Paid Membership allows you to update the new quizzes daily. Moreover, Polysphere will enable you to remove in-game ads using real cash.

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How Can You Use Polysphere Mod Apk


If you can’t afford to pay for the puzzles, then don’t worry, I am providing a way for you to get these puzzles by using unlimited money. The best thing is that you won’t have to pay anything for it. Now, you can play the full version of the game without spending your money.

To enjoy the full version, you need to download the modded version of Polysphere puzzle game on your device. The modified version of Polysphere will provide everything you need such as unlimited money for free access. Moreover, you won’t have to pay the usual fee of $8 that you spend every week with the play store version. Polysphere is an excellent game suitable for both adults and kids. However, it will look interesting to you at some point, but you might lose your interest in it soon.

In this mod, you won’t have to pay for anything. After downloading the modded apk of polysphere,  you will receive unlimited upgrades. So, if you are crazy about getting unlimited money then follow the steps mentioned below. Moreover, if you still want to download the game from the play store then click to download on your smartphone.

How to Download Modded Polysphere App

Before using the modded version, let me warn you that, if you get caught doing anything funny with the game, your progress will be deleted. So, To install modded apk of Polysphere, follow these steps carefully-

1Open the browser in your smartphone.
2DOWNLOAD the modded Polysphere app.
3Before installing the game, enable Allow Unknown Resources in security settings of your smartphone.
4Now, Locate the modded apk stored in the download folder of your smartphone and install the apk.


Q- Is it safe to use?

A- Yes, it is safe to use. Moreover, I am using it on my phone.

Q- Can I update this game from Play Store?

A- No, I do not recommend you to update this game from play store. However, you can download the official version of the game from the play store.

Q- Can I install modded Apk on the official Polysphere game?

A- No, You Can’t. Moreover, if you do so, you will get an error.


To conclude, I would say that Polysphere is a good game for your entertainment and especially, its approach to players makes this game great. Its gameplay adds many transactions, allow you to enjoy the game in the long run. Moreover, if you can’t afford to purchase anything in the game, I have provided the Polysphere mod. It removes the ad and unlocks all in-game levels. However, if you have a question regarding Polysphere, then you can contact us by using the comment section below.

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