Top 3 Emulator for Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mac

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game which is developed and published by PUBG Corporation. For those who don’t know, Player unknown battlegrounds on mac are PvP shooter game in which up to 100 players are dropped from an aeroplane on a Map where player fight each other, and last remaining player or team(of 2 or 4 ) gets ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Nowadays, game development on Mobile has evolved to the point that our smartphones can handle gameplay with high graphics settings such as HDR. So, the best example for you is the Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds mac or most commonly known as PUBG. However, playing it on your small device can be a bit problematic as you might miss your chance of getting a win. So, here are some ways that I will explain to you on how to play Player unknown Battlegrounds on mac. However, if you want to know more pubg the visit my other page on latest pubg update.

player unknown battlegrounds mac
player unknown battlegrounds mac

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Player Unknown Battleground for Mac Free

player unknown battlegrounds mac

If you are trying to find a way to play Player unknown Battlegrounds mac for free, then you are at right place. So, now, I will explain three ways for you to download and play on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

ApowerMirror – Mirror Your Smartphone

player unknown battlegrounds mac

If you want to send your mobile screen to your MAC, then ApowerMirror is an option available for you. It is a professional screen mirroring program that allows you to cast your Android or iOS devices to your Windows and Mac or Laptop. Therefore, you can stream videos, images, listen to music, and install other applications on your smartphone. Moreover, this app is a bit more useful for gamers as it includes several advanced functions that allow you to record a screen. It enables you to capture your complete gaming experience and store it on your local storage devices.

Moreover, you will get Game Keyboard feature which allows you to control your avatars using your keyboard. Therefore, at the time of managing your gameplay, you won’t find any issue in communicating. So, If you want to play Player unknown Battlegrounds on mac free using ApowerMirror then follow my guidelines provided below carefully-

  1. Firstly, you have to do is download and install ApowerMirror on your PC and mobile device.
  2. Open the program on your smartphone and PC.
  3. Now, Connect your phone with a USB cable.
  4. Open PUBG in your smartphone and then load your game. Once game loads, press the keyboard icon available in the menu bar and later choose controls accordingly from the available pop-up buttons.
  5. Now, you have to do is keymapping the controls according to your preference and then you can place your control to the on-screen ones to activate your mapped keys.
  6. Finally, if you are satisfied with the setting, press on the Save button to apply all the changes that you’ve made. Now, you can start to play Player unknown Battlegrounds on your mac!

Play PUBG on Mac with Bluestacks

player unknown battlegrounds mac

If you use PC, then you might have heard about bluestacks If not then let me tell you that it is an emulator (a virtual device). It simulates the Android Firmware for you which provides the most exquisite experience of a real OS. Moreover, you don’t need an actual smartphone for it to work. By using this, you can download and run applications from the Google Play Store to your PC. The best thing about bluestacks is that It is free to use.

However, it has a couple of issues that you need to solve before using it. Firstly, if you want it to work smoothly for you, then you need is a high-end system with a fast speed of the processor. It requires at least 4GB of RAM on your PC. Moreover, it can make a significant impact on the performance of your computer even though when it’s not running in your PC. You might face minor bugs while playing Player unknown Battlegrounds mac. So, now, I will tell you how you can use this pubg emulator on your mac.

  1. Firstly, download and install BlueStacks on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.
  2. Now, log in using your Gmail account; however, you don’t have a Gmail then create one. Then configure your bluestack as per your requirement on your MAC.
  3. Once you have your virtual device, open the Play Store and then search for PUBG.
  4. Now, Install PUBG on your MAC and enjoy.

Nox App Player With Rooting Options

player unknown battlegrounds mac

Nox App Player is somewhat similar to the BlueStacks app as I told you earlier. It emulates a Virtual smartphone for you on your PC. Additionally, Nox player supports several latest version of applications including the PUBG using this one. It is easy to use as it is on the most recent version of the Android operating system.

If you are an advanced smartphone user, then this app allows you to root your device. It will enable you to install APK from external sources. You can transfer files between your phone and PC. The best thing about Nox player is that it enables you to customize your controls. Therefore, you can configure your keyboard controls within seconds according to your requirement. So, I will tell you how you can play Player unknown Battlegrounds mac mobile on your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

  1. Firstly, download and then install the Nox App Player on your MAC.
  2. After the installation process, you have to set up your device by signing in with your Gmail account.
  3. Now, a virtual device will assign to you, Open built-in Google Play Store in your virtual machine. Then, search for PUBG and install the game in your virtual smartphone.
  4. Select the keyboard button in Player unknown Battlegrounds mac and start key mapping your controls.
  5. Enjoy the PUBG game after mapping your keys.

Note- If you happen to face any issue while installing the Pubg game, then I suggest you to simply try again by clearing up the Google Play Store data and cache, then restart the app.

Final Words

Now, you can play your favourite game Pubg on your mac by following the points I mentioned earlier. After comparing these three applications I can say that ApowerMirror apparently has more features and offers an easier process to setup than the other two emulators, Nox App Player, and BlueStacks. So, if you are a gamer and want a setup that is easy to use then I recommend you to use the first one. Moreover, if you don’t own a smartphone then any application will work for you. If you any query then don’t forget to comment in the comment section Below.

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