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Pubg offline is the latest addition in the list of features provided by pubg. You might be wondering, what is Pubg Offline? Pubg( Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)  is an online player vs player battle royale game developed and designed by Pubg Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean Video game company Bluehole in which 100 players drop to an island where you have to loot weapons, health. To win this game, you have to kill enemies and survive until everyone is dead. It is one of the most popular games that are available on Android and iOS. Moreover, Pubg Mobile has won the 2018 best game of the year award on google play store from Google. It has 100 Million+ downloads on play store. Pubg mobile has changed the gaming scenario all over the world.

Moreover, Pubg is available for several platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile. However, Pubg mobile is known to be the most popular game. Right now, Pubg Mobile is the trending game all over the globe. Currently, It has over 200 millions users worldwide and 30 million daily active users. However, the biggest problem many users are facing in this game is lag and game freezing. Furthermore, In this article, I will explain the procedure of playing pubg offline.


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Why PUBG Offline?

Well, If you possess a smartphone and want to play pubg mobile, however, you cannot play pubg mobile because of lag. Then, you can use Pubg offline to experience Pubg Mobile. Moreover, You don’t need the internet to play pubg offline. It is meant to serve both new and casual players as well as players who are serious about this game.

Important points you should consider before playing Pubg Offline

  • You have to make sure that your mobile phone has no connection to the Internet.
  • Pubg Offline does not support multiplayer however you can play as a solo.
  • You should have the latest version of Pubg Mobile.
  • Moreover, You cannot kill other players.
  • In Pubg Offline, You will not get Daily signup Bonus as you get when you play pubg online.
  • You can play Pubg offline using guest mode – so no need to sign up.
  • Pubg offline has a session of 30 minutes. However, after the end, of the course, you can restart the session.
  • It has a unique map with a space of two square kilometres.

How can you play PUBG Offline?

pubg Offline

Well, you can play pubg offline using a training mode that is available in pubg. Now you might have several questions regarding Training Mode. Let’s Discuss –

What is Training Mode?

pubg offline

Training mode is a place in pubg where you can practice before your game. The training matches need to have at least five players and a maximum of 20 players at a time.  A single session of training mode is of 30 minutes. You can play Pubg mobile in training mode without any worry of getting killed.

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Therefore, If you are excited to play pubg offline, then let’s start on how you can pubg without the internet. All you have to ensure is follow instructions properly.

  • First of all, You have to open Pubg Mobile on your smartphone.
  • On the home screen of the game, you will see the training match option.
  • You can play only play as a solo in the training room.
  • Tap on Training, and now, you will enter the Training room.
  • By following this easy method, you can play pubg offline(without internet). However, if you want to play in other maps, then you need an active internet connection.
  • Training mode has its map of around 2 kilometres.
  • Training mode requires at least five players and a maximum of twenty players.

Note – Furthermore, If you want to play pubg without internet on other platforms then you can follow these steps on other platforms as they all have the same procedure.

What you can do in Pubg Offline

pubg offline

  • You can practice using every available weapon in pubg mobile even those that are limited in the game and available in only Airdrops such as Groza, AWM, MK14, M416 with unlimited ammunition.
  • You can practice driving using several vehicles available in Pubg.
  • It can improve your shooting aim using 400m,800,1200 firing range.
  • It has a wide range of melee and throwable items.
  • Various equoments are available guns attachnebts abd and gears rtc.
  • You can improve your combat skills.


To conclude, I would say that Pubg offline is a useful feature released by Tencent. So, If you own a smartphone and it lags or hangs whenever you try to play pubg mobile or any other high-end games. You can use pubg offline to enjoy all the essentials which are available in pubg mobile without even using the internet.

Furthermore, pubg keeps on adding a similar feature to stay on top of other games available in the market.

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