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Do you play games on your smartphone for long hours? It might be quite irritating for you when the phone starts getting burning hot in your palms. Nowadays, my phone is not able to handle the graphics that games like PUBG can offer. So, for this, I tried many emulators, but as I have eight years old low-end PC, most of them don’t work smoothly. Then I tried MuMu Emulator.

So, It allows me to keep my game steady at 60FPS. Furthermore, I can also play CG scenes, which some of the most popular emulators cannot do.

Moreover, The only downside of MuMu emulator is that by default its setting is in Chinese. But, don’t worry, I will provide all the necessary steps that you may need to change its language to English.


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Features of MuMu Emulator

  1. Compatible with your low-end PC/Laptop.
  2. It Supports Physical Keyboard.
  3. You can set up storage space as per your requirement.
  4. It has the latest Android Version.
  5. Moreover, You can play any mobile game you want smoothly.

How to Download and Install MuMu Emulator

  • Firstly, download the installer from the link provided by me here.
  • Now, Click on quick install to start the downloading and installation. Moreover, it will use around 500 MB of your data.
  • So, after the Emulator is successfully installed. Launch the MuMu emulator, you will see that its language is set to Chinese by default. the

How To Change the language

  • Go to settings from a folder which is on the bottom right corner of Emulator.
  • Now, scroll down to second last option. The second last option will have Icon Similar to this icon. Tap on it.
  • So, Change the Language as per your requirement. In my case, I changed it to English.

How you can Play Pubg on MuMu Emulator

  • Open the Browser.
  • Go to this link to DOWNLOAD OBB file. After the download, extract the OBB folder using WinRar and then open the file manager to Paste Obb folder in Android/Obb/Your OBB file. Moreover, the download size is around 1.6 GB.
  • Now, open this link of Pubg Mobile and DOWNLOAD APK file. After the downloading, install the game.
  • Start the game and allow access for both Private and Public Connection if a Firewall prompt appears.
  • Furthermore, Log in using your Gmail, Facebook or Guest Account and enjoy playing Pubg.

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Some Common Errors that you might Face

Error Code 50001

Step 1- So, If you face this error then don’t forget to check the remaining space of the disk. Moreover, You have to make sure that at least 1.2 Gb of space is free in the installation directory of your PC.

 Step 2- However, if you are still facing the same issue then open cmd.exe as administrator. So, now, you have to go to a folder named Hypervisor in the software installation directory. Look for “comregister.cmd –u” and “SUPUninstall.exe,” in the folder and run it as administrator on your PC. Later reboot your PC and restart the installation.

Error Code 70000

This error code means that you have failed to get administrator permission. So, if you want to solve this issue, then switch your administrator account on your PC and try installing the emulator again.

No permission Error

You get this error if the installer has limited permission. So, to solve this, you have to the right click on the installer and select properties. Now, go to Security Tab and look for “Permission for System”  and allow full control. So, now, Try again to reinstall the emulator.


Q- I can Play only Pubg in MuMu Emulator.

A- No, you can play whatever game you want. You can even install Whatsapp on it. All you have to do is download the Apk file from the Browser.

Q- Can I use Physical Keyboard with this?

A- Yes, you can use a Physical Keyboard with MuMu Emulator. Moreover, you can download this Pdf File to setup your physical keyboard for Pubg Mobile.

Q- It is available in Chinese Only.

A- No, it is available in English too. Moreover, the link that I have provided above is for the English Version.

Q- Is it safe to use?

A- Yes, it safe to use as I am using it to play the latest Pubg Mobile on it.

Q- Can I Use it on my MacBook air/pro?

A- No, but don’t worry! If you want to play your favourite game on your MacBook then I recommend these Top 3 emulators for your MacBook.

Final Words

I have tried many popular emulators in the past, but all of them had some problem such as lag, crashing of the emulator. However, as I told you earlier, I used them on my low-end PC. After using MuMu Emulator, all I can say is lagging is a thing of past for me. I can play games smoothly for hours. Sometimes, I use WhatsApp for my secondary number on it. Moreover, if you have any issue in using MuMu Emulator then don’t forget to contact us via the comment section given below.

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