Latest Pubg Update Of 2019 [Beta 0.12.0]

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is most commonly known as PUBG. One of the most played games among youngsters. It has gained so much fame and user base in such a small span of time and to maintain its users, Pubg releases a timely pubg update for all of their platforms. Tencent games are the publishers is this most played game.

PUBG is an online multiplayer game which can be played by 100 number of players at the same. It is based on the field of battleground where you have to protect yourself from other enemies and interact with other players playing with you at the same time. PUBG has already crossed the race of 100 million users whereas it has more than 130 million users. And 20 million daily active users is really fun to play with.

Latest Pubg Beta 0.12.0 Update on 12 March 2019

pubg beta
pubg beta
  • Unlock a new Companion (Eagle🦅).
  • New Event Mode – Survive Till Dawn 2.
  • Rocket Launcher RPG 7 {>==╦╦=ʖ>.

In addition to this, the latest version of Pubg Beta Introduces several new features including a companion, Jungle Magazine and many more. If you want to experience these features before anyone else do then you can download the latest version of Pubg Beta 0.12.0 from the link provided by me.

Latest Pubg Beta Update – version 0.11.5 on 12 March 2019

  • Dynamic Weather
pubg beta
New Dynamic Weather
  • New Assault Rifle G36C
pubg beta
New Gun G36C
  • New Vehicle Tukshai
pubg beta
New Vehicle Tukshai

Besides, Tencent introduced several major and minor updates along with the beta update. Moreover, if you want to download Pubg beta 0.11.5 then I have provided links to download Pubg beta 0.11.5 on your Android and iOS device.

Latest Zombie Mode Update – version 0.11.0 on 19 Feb 2019

zombies mode

Whats New in version 0.11.0

  • Pubg zombies 0.11.0 introduced a new Sunset mode which is an event mode. In this mode, you have to fight to survive as usual on Erangel, but at the same time from Zombies and Bosses from Resident Evil 2 will also spawn on the map! You have to Kill them to get resources and items.
  • Moreover, Pubg Mobile has Added Resident Evil 2 main-menu theme and music.
  • A new Pc feature added – damage stacking outside of the safe zone. The further away your player is from a secure area, the more damage it will take.
  • Pubg Mobile includes Personal Spaces, where player information and Connections are displayed.
  • Pubg Mobile released the Push-to-talk chat button in matches.
  • Added a new Anniversary Treasure event. Now, Celebrate the game’s anniversary with all types of rare finishes.
  • Moonlight weather introduced in Vikendi(snow map).
  • Now, Sanhok Map is available for a Quick Match in Arcade Mode.
  • Furthermore, Zombie event mode has some new weapons such as a machine gun, a gun that throws fire and a combat knife.
  • You can throw a Zombie grenade at your Enemy. A zombie will spawn and attack your opponent.
  • Pubg mobile will now start SMG and Assault Rifles War Modes with double the ammo.
  • Your past results will now be kept for up to one month. So, your older data will clear.
  • Pubg  Mobile adds a new Pandemic Treasure event. You can get Get your Resident Evil 2 outfits now.
  • Addition of new titles such as “#1/100” (permanent) and “Survivor”. However, both are time-limited titles.
  • Pubg Mobile redesigned some houses inside Vikendi Map.

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Latest Major PUBG Update – version 0.10.5 on 21 January 2019

What is Royale Pass Season 5?

pubg update
what is royale pass season 5

Royale pass Season 5 is a seasonal event which was first introduced in 0.6.0 patch pubg update and lasts for 2-3 months. But Right now Royale Pass season 5 is live, and at the end of the season, you will be eligible for an additional prize based on your seasonal ratings.

There are two types of Royale Pass Season 5 – Free and Elite.

However, you can get several advantages after purchasing an “Elite Pass.”Even if you are an either free or elite member, both get daily(quite easy), and weekly challenge(a little harder) missions and after completing you will get “Royale Points” which are used to increase your Royale Pass Season 5 rating or purchase a Special Item.

But, However, if you have an elite pass, you can earn special event currency(UC), rare weapon, costumes, emotes and much more.

Note – Furthermore, Royale Pass Season 5 rating resets to ‘1’ when a new season begins.

What’s new in the Royale Pass Season 5

pubg update

Official patch notes for the Royale Pass season 5 released by Pubg are as follows:

  • It has added Mk47 Mutant gun for Erangle, Miramar and Sanhok map. It is an Assault Rifle which fires 7.62mm rounds and has two firing modes(Auto and Burst).
  • Tiers reset such as from Crown Tier to Diamond tier.
  • Vikendi(snow map) is now available as a map when creating a custom room.
  • You can enable or disable Spawn Island announcement(“Welcome to Pubg Mobile”) in settings.
  • Royale Pass Season 5 introduces Premium outfits, and taunting emotes as well as rewards.
  • Share for deals reintroduced after some tuning
  • Tweaked Clan sharing benefits.
  • Appropriately distributed loot in Vikendi Map.
  • Attuned shop.
  • Supply crate is accessible from the main menu.
  • Classic voice(“Enemies Ahead”) is now back, and you can change it in settings.
  • A Green laser sight is available as a lower rail attachment which is useful in reducing the spread when you are shooting from the hip, and it is available on all the maps.
  • Accustomed Avatar display of Crew challenge winner on Spawn Island.
  • Premium custom skins for weapons.

Some important Previously released PUBG updates:

  • One of the most expected Vikendi, a 6KM x 6KM Map introduced.
  • New Snow weather introduced.
  • Snowmobile Vehicle is exclusive for Vikendi Map.
  • Snowball fight introduced for Vikendi’s Spawn Island.
  • Large layout added for players with large hands.
  • Snow theme added for the main menu.
  • Introduction of cross-server matchmaking where you have a chance of matchmaking with players of same tier available on other servers such as Asia, Europe, KRJP, etc.
  • You can now report suspicious behaviour such as cheating, hacking, team up while spectating after dying.
  • Introduced lab to upgrade special weapon finishes so that you can get additional kill effects, unique kill broadcasts, and death crate appearance.
  • A chance to get upgradable Glacier Weapon Finish for M416  Gun.
  • Hardcore Mode – No auto settings, auto door open, auto loot and aim assist. No minimap and no bots.
  • Added M762 AR rifle that fires 7.62 ammo and is available on all maps.
  • Dynamic weather in Sanhok Map.
  • Scooter – Vehicle exclusive for Sanhok Map.
  • New character faces, hairstyles, and rare outfits introduced.
  • Night Mode with night vision goggles for Erangle Map.

Furthermore, Addition of these features has made sure that most of the users will be stuck to their smartphone in the coming weeks.

Therefore, now you might be wondering like I used to – what is Elite Royale Pass, How much does it cost, why I should buy Elite Royale Passes Season 5 and How to buy them. Well, don’t worry I m going to explain all your queries thoroughly.

How Much does this Elite Royale Pass Cost?

pubg update

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First of all, I would like to inform you that there are two different elite tiers:

  • Elite Upgrade – 600UC cash.
  • Elite Upgrade plus – 1800 UC cash

Here, UC is a Pubg Mobile’s in-game virtual currency which you can purchase only through real-world money.

Here is the list of different UC tiers à

  • 60UC – US $0.99
  • 180(+10 free) – US $2.99
  • 600(+60 free) – US $9.99
  • 1500(+300 free) – US $24.99
  • 3000(+850 free) – US $49.99
  • 6000(+2100 free) – US $99.9

All in All, If you want to to go for Elite tier, you have to spend $9.99 and for Elite plus – $24.99.

Why should you purchase Elite Pass Season 5?

First of all, before purchasing a Royale pass Season 5, you should know all the benefits you will be getting from each tier, and some of them are –

Elite Upgrade

  • Permanent Rare Weapon finish.
  • Permanent Rare Costumes.
  • You can unlock icon for Royale Pass Season 5.
  • Unlock elite missions.
  • Unlock up to 100 rewards through ranking up.

Elite Plus Upgrade

  • Includes Elite upgrade benefit.
  • Gain 25 Ranks(the equivalent of 2500 UC).
  • Street Art Buggy.

List of Pubg Mobile: Royale Pass Season 5 Rewards –

When you complete a mission or challenge such as “kill 20 enemies with M416(AR)”, “get a level 3 helmet in 3 Matches” like these, you get Royale Pass Season 5 points which helps you to level up Royale Pass Season 5 tier up to 100RP and as a result, unlocking a tier will give rewards, and some of them are

  • Mini14(Sniper) skin.
  • Ump9(SMG) skin.
  • “Take a Break” and “I own you” emote.
  • Street art Buggy.
  • Crystal clear Aeroplane Finish.
  • Either “Roaring Dragon Set” or “Dragon hunter Set” costume whenever you reach Rank 100 of Royal Pass Season 5.

How to Buy Pubg Mobile Royale Pass Season 5?

The process of purchasing Royale Pass Season 5 is quite simple by following these steps:-

  1. Open Pubg Mobile in your smartphone.
  2. Tap on RP icon on the right side of the screen and select upgrade Royal Pass Season 5.
  3. Choose Either Elite upgrade or Elite upgrade plus.
  4. Tap OK when a pop-up appears.
  5. Select how much UC you want to purchase and enter your payment details on Google Pay.

Pro TIP – If you are from India and you want to get extra benefits then Purchase Royale Pass Season 5 from Paytm. For this, all you have to do is purchase Google Pay Gift card from Paytm.

What’s Next in Pubg Mobile?

pubg update

As you know, Pubg mobile: Royal Pass Season 5 released on 21 Jan 2019, but some of the rumoured features are not yet available. However, they will be available in upcoming 0.11.0 pubg update. Some of the expected features are –

  1. Most awaited Zombie mode and Resident Evil 2 main menu theme are going to released by Pubg Mobile in collaboration with Resident Evil 2 game where you have to kill other players and survive from Zombies attack at the same time.
  2. Moonlight weather(similar to night mode in Orange) in Vikendi Map.
  3. Push-to-talk chat added.
  4. Sanhok will be available in Arcade – Quick Match.
  5. Your player will incur more damage if you are very far away in the blue zone from the safe zone.
  6. G36C SMG.

However, if you can’t wait for 0.11.0 pubg update, then you can download Pubg Mobile Global beta pubg update from this link. It’s released officially by Pubg Mobile and is currently in beta mode.

Fun Fact: Bluehole Studios didn’t invest any money in the advertisement of PUBG. It became popular through its unique gameplay and word of mouth.

How To Play PUBG

pubg update

PUBG is available to play in two modes one of those is classic another is the arcade. In the Classic mode, there are three stages Miramar, Erangel, and Shanhok. This is the map based battleground where players can access the map of the battleground to concur the game. Shanhok is the latest map which is being available with the recent update of the game. The players can even choose the battleground which he wants to play in. You are the one in 100 players.

Let’s come to another mode of this game that is Arcade. There are many numbers of missions and mode in arcade mode. Whereas in arcade mode you are 1 of the 28 only players. You must be quick and witty to play in an arcade mode. It is one of the best ways to improve your on-screen fighting skills.

Pubg Update of 2018

pubg update

The game is being updated by the developer time to time according to the need of users. And when these are introduced to the users, it is known as the latest update of the game PUBG. The latest PUBG update is PUBG 0.9.5 released on 25th October 2018 which is for mobile users only.

It has the most exciting features such as night mode, Dynamic weather, FPP Driving mode, QBU Gun, competitive mode, New vehicle Rony, Stone suit, landmine trap, etc. When we talk about the latest update then I can easily understand the eagerness of the play station users. I can understand how hard it is to wait for something which is much famous that you can’t even control yourself to pre-book your PUBG PS4 version. Yes, you read it right, PUBG will now be available on the most loved gaming platform PS4.

PUBG Mobile Update

pubg update

It is available in Android as well as IOs mobiles. The developers of PUBG understand the need of the technological era. Therefore they have developed all the versions of PUBG which does not limit the user to one of the gaming platforms only. The latest PUBG mobile update makes the gaming real fun and users are more addicted to playing the game. PUBG is the only game which is available for gamers to play on all the gaming consoles.

Let’s Discuss The PUBG For Android Device : –

The PUBG 0.9.5 was the update for Android users. Android and IOs are the platforms where it is free to access and play the game PUBG. Let me introduce the features of this latest version of PUBG.

pubg update

Night mode: The most exciting feature is night mode, where the whole game turns into a dark night and it is most difficult to find, target and fight in the dark mode without night goggles. The game mode itself changes into the dark to Sunlight and vice-a-versa.

Dynamic Weather Change: The next most exciting mode to play in the latest update is the weather change. This weather change is very dynamic in the game and the weather selected while playing is randomly chosen by the bot. You can opt for the weapons as per the changing weather.

FPP Driving: This is the feature when you use it, you would feel yourself in driving the car as the first-person perspective. It gives you a realistic feel of driving the car and playing the game simultaneously.

QBU Gun: To replace the mini-14 gun, QBU is being introduced in the latest version of PUBG. It has the capacity to snip a 5.56 mm bullet.

New Vehicle Rony: New vehicle rony is a pickup truck which is available in the maps of Shanhok and Erangel.

Competitive mode: This mode is only available in the Arcade mode where you will not be able to find the footprints of your enemies in a small map. All you have to concentrate on the sound and find and target your enemies. This is the best feature which can improve your real gaming and fighting skills.

Landmine Trap: To give your enemies an electrifying shock, the landmine is the only feature introduced in this game. To easily win the game and lessen your struggle, you just need to pick and place a landmine over a place where a number of enemies are more. All the enemies on that place will get an electrifying shock.

Stone Suit: This is the most helpful feature which helps you to hide in the skin of stone. This stone suit will help you to easily fight and concur the game. It is a kind of protective shield while playing in the battleground.

Apart from all these features, new weapon gallery has been added to choose the weapons from and perform better in the battleground.

Download PUBG For Android Device

Developer: Level Infinite
Price: Free
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot

On what Platforms PUBG is Available?

PUBG is not limited to the mobile versions of Android and IOS. Rather it is available on all the gaming platforms including PC, Xbox, PS4etc. There is a smart feature available in this in this game that is to talk with your friends with voice chat. This feature enables you to interact with your friends easily. Even we can share the battle strategy with them. All you need is a good internet connection and good specification of the phone which allows you to land in the battleground.

Latest PUBG ps4 Update

Yes, December 7, 2018, is the date when there will be an end of your wait, PlayStation lovers. PUBG is the only game which is available in all the versions of the technology. If you are a gaming freak and have PS4 with you then you must be enjoying to play the game on your PS4 console. All the features and game is almost the same as the PUBG mobile game. The only difference is the console of the game and controls of the game. PUBG PS4 is nothing other than the different gaming console but all the other modes, features and weapons are the same.

pubg ps4But the experience of Playing PUBG on PlayStation will be much more than a game. The graphics of PUBG PS4 will give you a feel of yourself being in a battleground. As per the Sony PS store, the game will be available in three versions for PS4. Those versions are Survivor’s, Looter’s and Champions version. The Survivor’s and Looter’s version will be of the same price rather than the Champions.

How To Download PUBG For PS4

Now you are able to download PUBG for PS4 because after 7 December PUBG PS4 is easily available worldwide to Download and when you want to get it 1st you Just need to click at Download


pubg update

When it comes to PUBG IOs, the better graphics and better gaming experience come in your mind at first. Yes, the quality of PUBG IOs is much better than the PUBG Android. The amazing thing about this game is that you can access and play it free of cost on IOs and Android devices. The Tencent games team understand the need of the users and want to grab the attention of all the operating system device users. Therefore they have built the game in all the gaming platforms. The latest update for IOs devices is the same as the PUBG for Android device.

How To Download PUBG For IOS

 PUBG Xbox Update

pubg update

The developers of PUBG knows the needs of every user. They do not want to miss any single gamer to enjoy this game. To play PUBG on Xbox is the real fun. This is the paid version of PUBG which is exclusively available for the Xbox users with better graphics and sound experience.

PUBG was available as beta version for the Xbox users in the United States. After December 11, 2017, it was released and make available in the world. While creating and developing the Xbox version of PUBG, the team Microsft help the understand the working and flow of system to make the game compatible with them easily.

It is available in 4k high resolution as full HD quality which makes the Xbox PUBG version unique among all the other available versions. Everything else then graphics and sound are almost altogether the same in all the gaming console platforms. You can find the controls of PUBG Xbox in the image shown below: –

Latest Pubg Update Of 2019 [Beta 0.12.0] 1

How To Download PUBG For XBOX

If you want to play PUBG on your XBOX you just need to click Download the game for Xbox.

PUBG PC Update

pubg update

Playing PUBG on the big screen is really fun to enjoy and feel yourself in the battleground. This is the oldest version of PUBG. It was first available for beta testing and the market in the PC version only in the United States. You can download the PUBG PC direct from the Microsoft website.  All the battleground, weapons and everything is the same the main difference is the control of this game through mouse and keyboard of a personal computer.

You can even enjoy this game on your windows laptop if you are gaming freak like. I use to play games on my lappy as the controls and accessing the game is much easier in PC than the other available gaming platforms. If you have the gaming laptop with much higher configuration than only I would suggest you to play this game on PC otherwise your PC could go hang and does not respond for a while.

How To Download PUBG For PC

Just Click Here To Download PUBG for PC.

Final Words

In Addition to Pubg PC, I would like to say that from 9 Feb 2018, Pubg Mobile has garnered immense love from game lovers like me. Pubg Mobile has completely changed the gaming scenario all over the Globe(especially Asian Countries) just like pubg PC did in European and North American Countries.

As a result, gaming is seen as a career choice in countries like India where most of the Parents want their children to get a Job. In spite of this, there are many gaming channels on Youtube who have risen to the top because of Pubg Mobile.

Above all, I am eagerly waiting for the next major pubg update 0.11.0 which might release before the first half of Feb 2019. However, I can’t wait for the pubg update and have started playing Pubg Mobile Global Beta pubg update that is currently available in Beta stage. What about you? Tell me in the comment section.

If you are freaky for the battleground royale then PUBG is the best choice to play for you. You will definitely feel the real fun and sense of battleground while playing it. I hope you like this information, I shared regarding PUBG MOBILE Royale pass Season 5, PUBG PS4 and PUBG latest update. However, if you are facing any issue related to crashing then you can follow my article on PUBG Crashing on launch.

I am open for your comment and feedback, rather I would love to interact with you guys.

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