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Kwai App Review (Kwai-Social Video Network)

Kwai app is one of the social video-sharing apps. This app is developed by the Beijing Kwai Technology Co. Ltd. Creating and editing videos were not so much fun before such apps. The Kwai is mainly used to make short videos which can be easily used for updating video status in Whatsapp, Profile photo in Facebook and even we can create a network of friends and share our short videos with them on Kwai application.

These videos are as short as 7 seconds only. The foremost feature of this app is that these short videos are high-quality HD videos. It has the inbuilt feature of editing the videos and enjoy those videos by sharing with your own friends. This application is free to download and use. There are more than 10 million users who are using and enjoying this application. This application is available in many different languages like English, Hindi, Japanese, Malayalam, South Korean, Indonesian, Filipino, Portuguese, Thailand, Malay, Chinese, Pусский, Españo, Türk Dili, Tiếng việt, etc.

kwai app

Easiest Way To Download And Install (Kwai-Social Video Network)

The Kwai app is easy to download. It is listed on the Google play store. It has more than 10 million downloads. We only need a smartphone with good camera quality for shooting videos. We just need to follow the common steps to follow to install this app.

Kwai - Download & Share Video
Kwai - Download & Share Video
Price: To be announced
  • Kwai - Download & Share Video Screenshot
  • Kwai - Download & Share Video Screenshot
  • Kwai - Download & Share Video Screenshot
  • Kwai - Download & Share Video Screenshot
  • Kwai - Download & Share Video Screenshot

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Learn How To Use Kwai Step By Step

When you install the Kwai and launch it for the first time, the screen showing below will appear. It is asking us to login to the app using Facebook, Google or email login.

sign up 1st step with kwai app

When you click on any of the options, the screen is shown below will appear and ask for permission to access your friend’s list after you log in.

2nd step access your friend list with kwai app

As we logged in properly following all the steps, the home screen will appear like screen showing below.

how kwai app works

We can select any of the trending videos and edit it according to our choice. Even we can create a new video by clicking the orange circled button shown on the top right corner of the screen shown above. It will show you many different options to select or create the new video and edit them according to your choice.

Kwai App Features
  • The Kwai app is easy to use and fun filled.
  • We can share short video stories which last for a maximum of 24 hours or we can save these stories on our mobile phone.
  • We can add our network friends as well as we can make many more friends using this app.
  • The team Kwai conducts special events, daily challenges, and dance battles, etc. for fun. We can join or add our friends to these challenges or fun events.
  • We can share videos on many different social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  • There is an option of customizing the most trending video feeds. this means we can edit and customized the trending video feeds according to our personal choice. Editing is so much fun with this app.
  • Dubbing is much easier with Kwai app. We can sync. lips to the lyrics of a song or dub it in our local language.
  • It has a feature of inbuilt videos which can be edited as per the taste, using this feature we can choose the videos from the huge variety of different available videos. These videos are categorized under different categorize ie. Comedy and prank sketches, Creative Lip-sync and Dubs, Lifestyle Vlogs, Funny and Adorable Animals, Individual talent; singing, dancing, instruments, magic and more, Fashion and Beauty.
  • It has inbuilt stickers, fonts, beauty tools, etc to edit the videos.

How To Earn Money With Kwai App

Kwai apps one of the amazing apps which gives you an opportunity to not only enjoy and have fun rather we can earn a few bucks with this app. This means you can earn coins while creating, editing or sharing your videos with your friends. The kwai app offers 1 coin on 5-6 views on single video and this one coin is equal to $0.01. This means you can earn $1 when you have 100 coins in your wallet.

The amazing thing about these earning is that we can withdraw these dollars into our bank accounts using PayPal. But the condition of withdrawing this money is, we can only withdraw $2 to $200 daily.

To check your wallet, you need to click on the top left corner of the app as shown in the image below

click on the top left corner of the kwai app to check kwai app wallet

After that, you will see a screen as shown below.

After that, you will see a screen in kwai app

As you see a screen above, there is an option of “wallet”, where if you click, it will show you information on how many coins and how many dollars do you have.

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