JT WhatsApp APK: Download Latest v9.21 for Android Device [2022]

JT WhatsApp Apk is an instant messaging app which is developed by Jim Ei Rezzi. I know there are lots of messaging apps also available in our android market but JT WhatsApp comes with some different and advanced features which help us to make it easier to send video and audio files.

Nowadays we are using lots of messaging app and sharing our data using them but what about privacy and security.  There are lots of messaging apps that can sell our data to other companies for their benefit So in that case, we lose our privacy and security somewhere but JT WhatsApp one of the most secure app because it will take care of our privacy and as well as security. 


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What is JT WhatsApp apk? 

JT WhatsApp apk is the lite version of the instant messaging app which helps us to share data securely. It will provide us end to an end encryption feature which means third parties can’t read your messages. 

JT WhatsApp apk is a pink color app that looks good to see. It is a very simple and decent app that gives more benefits to WhatsApp users like sharing videos up to 2GB makes it different from WhatsApp Aero Apk by which you can share only videos up to 200MB. It contains lots of themes and emojis which makes it a more entertaining app. There are lots of other features that are shared below to enhance the knowledge about this apk for WhatsApp users.


  • Most demanding features regarding any messaging app are related to the user’s privacy which is taken care of by the developer with end-to-end encryption.
  • JT WhatsApp apk helps you to share audio, videos, or any other kind of data that the user wants. 
  • This apk is capable of sharing videos up to 2GB which makes it different from many other messaging apps.
  • JT WhatsApp apk is pink in color so for those users who like the colorful apps this apk will be the best one for them.
  • This apk has many advanced features which are needed by every WhatsApp user to hide their status, to hide their views, and also to hide their last seen.
  • The best feature of the JT WhatsApp apk is anti-revoke which helps WhatsApp users to read those messages which are deleted by the sender. If a user clicks the anti-revoke features from the privacy option so the other party can’t delete messages for everyone. 
  • JT WhatsApp apk has many chat themes or lots of emojis which makes it a more entertaining app as compared with others.

Download JT WhatsApp APK For Android Device

I know you are very excited to download this app after knowing all its features. Do not worry, I will provide you the direct download link of this app, you just have to click on the download button given below.

NameJT WhatsApp
Size40 MB
Join UsTelegram

jt whatsapp apk

apkbooth telegram channel

How to Install JT WhatsApp APK on Android Device?

  • Tap on the downloaded apk file of JT WhatsApp.
  • Do not forget to enable downloads from unknown sources from downloading a file other than Google Play Store.

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  • Tap the install button to start the installation.
  • As installation completes the app icon will automatically appear in the device menu.
  • Find the app icon in the device menu and tap it to open.
  • That’s it enjoy the JT WhatsApp Apk on your android device.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the size of JT WhatsApp apk?

A:  Size of this apk is 40MB which can be easily downloaded and accessible on all low-end devices.

Q: Is it possible to take a backup from the JT WhatsApp apk? 

A: Yes, you can easily take your backups from this app by simply following those steps. 

Settings >> chats  >> chats backup >> green button.

Q: Is it possible to make JT WhatsApp a more customized app?

A: Yes you can easily customize this app like fonts, color, themes that you like the most. If you ask about the UI, it has many default functions for users to make it more attractive. 

Q: What’s about the privacy of data for users which are shared by the JT WhatsApp apk? 

A: As I discussed above this apk takes care of the privacy of users by providing the features of end-to-end encryption which means third parties will never read your data. By using this app and you can easily hide your status, views, last seen. 

Q: What is the limit of sharing videos or photos in JT WhatsApp apk?

A: By using JT WhatsApp apk you can share videos up to 2GB size and photos up to 90 at a single time.

Q: Can JT WhatsApp apk make it possible to run two WhatsApp on a single device? 

A: Yes it is possible to run two WhatsApp on a single device.


In final words, JT WhatsApp apk is the best app as compared to others. Lots of advanced functions make it a more entertaining and more attractive app. This apk takes care of every need of WhatsApp users. JT WhatsApp apk is the lite and mode version of the official app.

As compared to other apps it will help you to share audio and videos with a large size even you can share photos up to 90 in a single time which is 30 in official apps. Lots of chat themes and emojis make it a more different and customized app as compared to other apps. So download JT WhatsApp apk and enjoy the advanced features of this app. 

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