How to Change Name in PUBG

Player’s unknown battleground, well known by its name PUBG, has brought revolution in gaming with its launch for Android and IOs devices. It is very easy for the crazy gamer to play this amazing game even while sitting idly or travelling. Playing this game is really a passion. If you are on the same edge as me, have logged in to your PUBG account using your Facebook or Google account and does not like to play a game with real name and profile. Then you have landed on the right page. Here, we will discuss the steps to change the name and appearance of PUBG account.

With the launch of its version 0.4.0 and later once there is a reward naming “Name Id” which can be used by any player to update their name in the game profile once in a day. This name id card was first launched and available in China only afterwards it is now available in all the other countries as well. Yes, you need to collect that Name Id to change your name and appearance in the game account. Without that card, you are unable to change it.

how to change name in pubg
how to change name in pubg

The most important point to remember is that if you do not have earned that reward card, you can buy it using the same currency which is used in the game buying or earning other features. This name change feature cost you 3000 BP to earn the reward card and use it to change your name.

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Collecting BP to earn Name ID card to change the name and appearance in PUBG

how to change name in pubg
Collect BP to earn Name ID card

Collecting BP is as simple as playing a game. You can earn and collect the BP even by just logging in daily for a week. You can earn BP by playing different levels of PUBG and win it and be in the list of top 10 players. Playing a game in a row till 10 levels make you earn BP as well. The highest numbers of BP are given when you log in to the PUBG app using your Facebook account. This makes you ear 2000 BP in a single go.

You can even spend these BP on cosmetics and clothes. You can visit the events in PUBG to collect and looting the BP. Moreover, You can unlock more crates to increase your earning BP value. There are many talks of the town regarding cheat codes for looting and earning BP in a short to earn more and more features by these BP. But I would like to suggest you refrain from all these cheat codes and hacks to maintain your account for a long run without getting banned.

Remember one thing that you cannot buy the BP in the game to earn the features like other games. You can only earn these BP by playing more and more.

Points to remember before proceeding to change your name of the profile in PUBG app:-

  1. You must complete level 10 to earn the “Name Id” badge to be eligible for changing the name of your PUBG profile.
  2. You need to collect the mission rewards to collect the name id reward after completing the level 10.
  3. Once you collected this name id badge then only you can initiate the process of changing the name and appearance of your PUBG profile.

Steps in changing the Name and appearance in PUBG

  1. First of all, you need to launch the app and you will be on the home screen of PUBG app.
  2. Click on the main menu in the PUBG and select the option of Inventory from the main menu. As shown in the image to change name in pubg
  3. When you click on it, there comes an option of reset appearance just adjacent to your character. That even shows the cost associated with this feature that is 3000 BP.
  4. When you click on that button to reset your appearance you will be redirected to a warning page which shows you the cost involved in resetting appearance. As shown in the image to change name in pubg
  5. You need to click on the OK button to proceed with the process of name changing and resetting your appearance. In case you do not have enough BP in your account to spend on resetting your appearance. It will show you warning message as you do not have enough BP to spend instead of showing the warning message as shown in the picture above.
  6. You need to select and make the required changes in your profile before clicking on the resetting profile. Once you have click on reset profile and clicked on the OK button shown on the warning message popup, you will not be able to change anything. Or you will be charged another 3000 BP that too on the next day. As you can only change your name and edit your appearance once a day.

Watch How to Change the name in PUBG

I hope these steps are the perfect guide to help you changing name and appearance in your profile and leave your comment below to post if you are facing any problem to change your PUBG Name.

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