Fortnite Secret Battle Star Unlocked for 10 Weeks

Fortnite Secret battle star is a hidden reward system on the Fortnite map! As you might know, fortnite- a battle royale by Epic Games introduced Battle Pass season 7 with snowfall changes. This battle star rewards you for completing weekly challenges.

You can complete Blockbuster Challenges, Road Trip Challenges, and Hunting Party Challenges introduced by fortnite. So, if you complete all these challenges successfully in given weeks, then you get a new loading screen which allows you access to the secret battle token. Moreover, you will be one step closer to getting the hidden skin by completing seven weeks of challenges.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star

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Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 1

fortnite secret battle star

If you have completed all of your first week challenges, then go to the snowy territory and go south of Frosty Flights. Additionally, You will find a high mountain to the south of Frosty flights along with the submarine at the Top. Now, I request you to hop onto this piece of metal, and the battle star will spawn. Moreover, you will find this secret battle star in the quadrant B8.

The loading screen will display a barely visible battle star onto the top of the submarine in the back of the image.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 2

fortnite Secret Battle Star

So, after you finished all of your challenges from the past two weeks. Now, after you completed all of your challenges from the past two weeks, head over to the snow area and go to Frosty Flights. Besides, you will see a desk with the pink glowing monitor in red-roofed offices. However, it will be on the top floor. If you want the secret banner to spawn then stand near the desk.

Moreover, You can see a battle star on the pink monitor.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 3

Fortnite Secret Battle Star

After completing challenges for three weeks, move to the snowy terrain in the hangers at frosty Flights location of the fortnite map. Furthermore, you have to enter to the east and look for metal shelves where the battle star will appear.

The loading screen will display a battle star on top of the shelf which is hardly visible inside the hangar behind the decked tree.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 4

fortnite secret battle star

So, after you have completed all the four-week challenges, you should move to Happy Hamlet. I suggest you find a tall building of green colour in the northern section of the Map. Besides, if you want to reveal the banner, you have to form two staircases upwards on the south side of the building.

Later, you will see the banner on the right side of the loading screen.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 5

fortnite secret battle star

First of all, move to hidden cave yeti after completing challenges for five weeks. It is in the southern part of snowy biome location. However, you can enter into the cave from two entrances. You can find one entry in the north of snowy biome, and the other one to the above of the cave. Furthermore, You will have to look out a Wooden Platform for the battle star!

You will see a barely visible battle star on the loading screen. It will be on top of the wooden platform.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 6

fortnite secret battle star

Change your location from the desert biome to the snowy area after completing six-week challenges. Moreover, If you want to find, the hidden battle star then goes to the tall mountain which is on the south of a town near a gas station.

The loading screen will display a banner on the chalkboard in the left.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 7

fortnite secret battle starWeek seven battle star will appear after you enter a castle which is at the Polar Peak. Firstly, go to the throne room and there you will find the actual throne. You will see the battle star to your left. However, the battle star is barely visible.

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Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 8

fortnite secret battle star

To find week eight battle star, you have to revisit Frosty Flights, but this time you have to land near the icy arch in the south direction. So, after reaching beneath the bridge, you have to continue to move towards the south. Firstly, search for a small patch of dirt. Then, the banner will appear on a chalkboard to your left.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 9

fortnite secret battle star

You will find week nine battle star on top of the giant wooden sledge. To see it, head over to the small pit stop town which is on the south of Shifty Shafts. You will find a giant wooden coaster there. However, you might face a problem when looking for a battle star as it is barely visible. Its chair is etched into the ice to your left.

Fortnite Secret Battle Star Week 10

fortnite secret battle star

To find a battle star for the last week go to the desert area and try to find a lone giant tree. It is to the west of the race track. You can see the banner underneath the tree.

Moreover, The loading screen shows the banner in the distance under the giant tree.

Final Words

To conclude, I would say that collecting Battle star is one of the factors that make it different from its counterparts such as Pubg. These weekly Secret Battle stars make fortnite interesting for people of every age. I am playing fortnite from the last one year and it keeps on improving after the launch of a new season. However, if you have any queries then donโ€™t forget to write them down in the comment section below.

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