PUBG crashing on launch with the latest update of 2021

Player unknown’s battleground (PUBG)is the most popular game among youngsters. This is one of the games which have made us crazy for spending more and more of our time playing PUBG. We not only like to win the chicken dinner rather there are many other features which keep us involve to use and play PUBG for longer time durations.

The various updates by the developers of the game are the other factor to keep the users playing Player unknown’s battleground for longer hours. The developers are well known to the needs of users that is why they keep updating the app to fulfil all the desires of PUBG players. As you now glitches are the part of life, the same thing happens with the latest update of PUBG 0.10.5

When I update my PUBG app after the launch of the latest PUBG version that is PUBG 0.10.5. I was unable to use PUBG. As I launch the app, it just crashes. I was wondering why this is happening, I was getting crazy and frustration has taken a toll on me. I tried each and everything from uninstalling PUBG and re-installing to clearing all the data from my phone. My bad, that I am unable to find the solution for this glitch. I even tried contacting customer support but all in vein.

pubg crashing on launch
pubg crashing on launch

I surf the internet and tried searching all the forums and blogs related to PUBG to find the solution. Got surprised! that I was not alone to face this blunder with PUBG. It is an unknown issue to PUBG developers but that are not able to resolve it. Fortunately, I found a solution for the crash of PUBG at the launch after the latest pubg update.  And I do not want to miss the opportunity to share this piece of information with you.

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Why PUBG is crashing at the launch after updating latest PUBG version

Let’s discuss in detail why PUBG is crashing at launch after updating the app to the latest version. There is a bug in the latest version of PUBG which needs to fix by the development team. They might be well aware of this unknown issue. Let me explain you in detail what the bug actually is that needs to remove.

There is a set of files which need to get remove automatically with the install of the latest version of PUBG. But due to an error in the coding of the latest version, these files do not get deleted automatically. Moreover, these do not even have the compatibility with the latest framework known as Pakchunk.

How to fix PUBG crashing at launch

pubg crashing on launch
How to fix PUBG crash at launch

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As discussed above regarding the bug in PUBG 0.10.5 which makes the app crash at launch. We need to fix this bug manually till the next update from PUBG developers. Let’s discuss the points to fix PUBG crashing at launch: –

  1. You need to explore PUBG directory in your phone which was created at the time of installing PUBG app.
  2. Once you have opened the PUBG directory, navigate to navigating to PUBG/TslGame/Content/Paks/ folder.
  3. Search for the files which do not start with Pakchunk.
  4. Select and delete those files which do not start with Pakchunk, these are the files which are being carried forward from the previous version and should have deleted with the install of a new one. Unfortunately, due to a bug, these are not being removed automatically, so we need to delete manually.
  5. Once you have deleted these files, your game will start working fine.

This is all you need to do to fix the bug which makes PUBG crashing at launch.

There is another way out too which helps in fixing this. Let’s discuss that as well:-

  1. The main difference in this process is navigating to the Pak folder.
  2. Yes, you need to navigate to the same folder but the way is different, in this way you need to right-click on the PUBG in a steam folder.
  3. After that click on properties and select local files.
  4. Browse local files from there and navigate to the same folder as mentioned above ie. PUBG/TslGame/Content/Paks/ folder.
  5. After that, you have to follow the same process for searching and deleting the note-Pakchunk files.
  6. Once you are done with deleting, verify your game once again in steam. And you are all done to fix the bug which makes PUBG crashing at launch.

PUBG Mobile version 0.10.5 latest features

pubg crashing on launch
PUBG Mobile version 0.10.5 latest features

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Now, when we have fixed the bug for PUBG crashing at launch, let’s discuss the features of the latest version of PUBG 0.10.5: –

  • The most awaited feature is back, my favourite and top on the list that is share for the deal.
  • The Classic voice is back as well, but you need to change it from the settings tab.
  • Swimmer sandal models have also been updated.
  • Many other features have been improved like Clan benefits, Shop, Avtar adjustments, etc. and many more.
  • Many weapons have been added and improved version of current weapons have been added.
  • New rewards, tiers and mode have been added in the latest version as well.
  • The foremost feature which has been added in this latest version is that you can choose a group between Shadow and Force. The main challenge is now between these two groups. You can choose the side and post hashtag of your chosen group to the steam of PUBG.

I hope you are also getting excited like me with the up-gradation of PUBG to the latest version with all the exciting features, weapons, maps and much more.

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