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Wegame app review ( wegame for pubg mobile)

Wegame for pubg mobile is an app which is officially launched by Tencent. It’s specially customized for Indian PUBG Mobile users. After using this app for the first time, my first reactions was “Wow, no ads.” I know you won’t believe me but yes, you can run this app without any ads. Moreover, Wegame app syncs your Pubg account data to display all your Pubg Mobile stats. Now, you don’t need to launch the game again & again to check your online friends, post, chat and game stats.

Tencent released this app on 19 April 2019. You can download this app from play store for the android mobile user. Wegame for pubg mobile provides you accurate Game stats module, which helps you to review the performance of your game and all the detail of your Game stats. In this app, you can check trend chart of rating, medals display and K/D ranking of your friends. It can also record your airdrop & weapon during the gameplay. You can use this app to check your all gaming stats anytime, anywhere without launching the game. You can use all these stats analyse and improve your pubg mobile game performance.

wegame for pubg mobile

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Best way to download and install (WeGame for PUBG Mobile)

You can download wegame for pubg mobile from play store easily just follow given steps: –

1. Firstly, open your play store on your android mobile.

wegame for pubg mobile
open play store

2. Type wegame for pubg mobile in the search bar

wegame for pubg mobile
Search wegame for pubg mobile

3. Just tap to install button and download the app.

wegame for pubg mobile
Tap to install wegame for pubg mobile

Note: – Size of the wegame app is 41.56MB, it can take up to three or four minutes to complete the downloading. It also depends on your internet service provider.

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How can you use wegame for pubg mobile

After completing the installation and launch it for the first time, you can see an image as shown below:

1. Login your wegame app account with Facebook or guest as you like.

wegame for pubg mobile
login with Facebook

2. Now, you can see another popup on your screen, it’s just asking for the authorization request. Tap to confirm the request.

wegame for pubg mobile
Tap to confirm

3. Tap to allow wegame for pubg mobile to access photos, media and files on your device?

wegame for pubg mobile
Tap to allow

4. Tap again to allow WeGame for pubg mobile to make and manage phone calls?

wegame for pubg mobile
allow wegame for pubg mobile to make and manage phone calls

Now your wegame for PUBG Mobile app is ready to use 😊😊😊

WeGame for PUBG Mobile app features

Check online friends

wegame for pubg mobile
check online friends

In this app, you can easily check your pubg friends are online or offline. Additionally, you can check who is playing Pubg Mobile at any point in time. With wegame app, you don’t need to launch the Pubg Mobile again & again to check whether any Pubg friend of yours is available to play the game or not.

Bell Icon

wegame for pubg mobile
Hit the bell to get notification

In case your teammate is offline and you are waiting for that friend to come online. If you want to play the game only with him, then you don’t need to launch the game to check whether he/she is online or not. In addition to this, there is one more option that you can use. “A bell icon like YouTube” Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it before. The bell icon is similar to the image that I have added above. You can check it out by scrolling above.

Now, you just need to hit the bell icon of your Pubg Teammate. The app will notify you once your friend comes online in the game. On a personal note, this feature has been very useful for me. After reading the post, let me know in the comment section which features you like most personally. 😊


wegame for pubg mobile
Boost and Launch feature

Lag! Lag! Lag! Before using WeGame app, that was my experience of playing Pubg Mobile. I know most of you might be facing the same problem with this game. Then here I introduce you a way to get rid of all the lag. All you have to do is open the WeGame app, & tap on boost & launch button to launch the game. This app will close your all the background running apps. It can help you to play Pubg Mobile smooth & lag-free, than ever before.

Patch Notes 0.13.5

wegame for pubg mobile
Patch Notes 0.13.5

In this feature, you can get an option to check all the old and new patch notes related to your pubg mobile game. You just need to tap on Patch notes 0.13.5 button and you will get complete information about Pubg Mobile patch notes.

Junk Cleaner

wegame for pubg mobile
Junk cleaner

In wegame for pubg mobile, you can get a junk cleaner, with the help of this feature you can easily remove your junk file from your smartphone to speed up the game, it’s just the game of one-tap.


wegame for pubg mobile
Create Post

Here you can get a post feature to check your friend’s post. You can also have an option to create your own game post. In addition to this, you can learn lots of tips and strategy to improve your gameplay. It will help you to get ‘Chicken Dinner’ easily by watching videos and posts. Here you can also make new friends.


wegame for pubg mobile
Chat with friends

There is an option of chat, you can also check your messages and easily chat with your friends or groups. Here you can also get an option to make or add new friends and join new groups.


wegame for pubg mobile
game stats

Now you don’t need to launch the PUBG Mobile game to check your and others game stats like K/D, Ranking, score, win ratio, heal, and kills. You just need to open the WeGame app. In the stats section, you can easily check your game performance, Match stats like your max kill or total kill and survival time also. Here you can get the option to share your game stats with your friends on Facebook account.

How can you get Free UC in PUBG MOBILE?

Step 1: Launch your PUBG Mobile and find your NickName and Game ID.

wegame for pubg mobile
find your NICKNAME and GAME ID

Step 2: Copy your GAME ID and NickName.

wegame for pubg mobile
Copy your GAME ID and NICKNAME

Step 3:  Now just Launch we game for PUBG Mobile app and go to the chat tab.

wegame for pubg mobile
Launch we game for PUBG Mobile app and tap to chat option

Step 4:  Finally, put your PUBG Mobile nickname and game ID as same as I show in the image.

wegame for pubg mobile
put your PUBG Mobile nickname and game ID

Step 5: Just wait for the lucky winner, which will appear very soon.

Important Note: – It declared by PUBG official 101 lucky winners are rewarded randomly and 100 lucky users are rewarded with 60 UC, the luckiest user of the WeGame app will win 1000 UC by PUBG Mobile. Offer is not stopped here, you can also get 3000 UC after giving feedback of this app. So what are you waiting for just go and hit the download button. In case wegame for pubg mobile app is not available to download in your country, nothing to worry, use any VPN and select for Indian server and download the app to collect your rewards.


Q1. Can I use wegame for PUBGM in ios device?

A- No, this app is only for the android mobile user.

Q2. What is the size of this app?

A- Size of the app is 44MB.

Q3- Will I get any kind of reward after downloading wegame for pubg mobile?

A – Yes you can get free UC in reward just follow the inductions given above.

Q4. Can I use this app with Tencent Gaming Buddy?

A- No, you cannot. However, if you play this game in Bluestacks emulator then you can easily use the app.

Q5- Will I get any ads in this app?

A- No, not at all. It is one of the reasons why I like this app so much.


If you are such a hardcore PUBG Lover then WeGame app is very useful for you, I am also using this app, it has such an amazing feature. You can easily check your friends are online or offline in PUBG Mobile without launching the game, you can also check your game stats. Wegame for pubg mobile app helps you with lots of its features to improve your gameplay.

If you have any question regarding WeGame app then let me know via the comments section. I will give answers to all your questions instantly.

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