Sparta War of Empires – Best MMO Game Ever

Set in 5th century BC, Sparta War of Empires is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) strategy video game that is developed and published by the makers of Gates of War and Total Domination. They released this game in 2014 for web browsers.

You can play Sparta War of Empires for free with some paid upgradable items, Although, Plarium released this game for web browsers only, you cannot compare this game other free survival games that are available on different platforms.

sparta war of empires
sparta war of empires

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Features of Sparta War of Empires

1.      Tutorial

To make it easy for yourself with the gameplay, you have to understand the game correctly. For this do so by completing the tutorials. Remember, you can never get a win in some easy-to-play game until you practice hard in tutorials and complete all the challenges. Meanwhile, by doing so, you had the opportunity to earn some extra rewards and experience.

2.      Resources

For getting success in the gameplay of Sparta War of Empires, it is crucial for you to get wood, bronze, and cereal. When you play this game, keep one thing in your mind, and that is to improve the production from scratch by placing all the buildings in your city. So, for this, you must look for forges farms and lumberyards. To get some additional resources, you can complete Devine Missions.

3.      Watch some Videos

Before starting playing this game watch the gameplay of some experienced players on YouTube. Once you start watching the videos, at some point in time, you will find some additional hints and tricks to play this game. In addition to this, you can see the weakness of some in-game units and plan your units preferably.

4.      Pay attention

Similar to other popular shooting games, paying more attention to the game is the key to your success. So, find out more about your enemies and attack them with your unbeatable strategies.

5.      Help

If you face any problem when you play this game, then don’t panic. You can ask for help using the help function on the upper part of your screen. Now, enter the type of problem that you are facing, and as a result, you will discover the solution for your problem or the problems related to it.

6.      Supply

In Sparta War of Empires, you will locate two buildings that are the essential part of the game. Don’t compare this with fortnite season 8, where you will have a large map as compared to this game. Moreover, these two buildings are non-other than the warehouse and the granary. Using these two buildings, you can find the number of resources that you can harvest. So, it will be best for you, if you create more than one of them. As you continue to build your city, you will need more resources necessary to move forward in this game.

How to Download Sparta War of Empires in your PC

Follow these steps to play Sparta War of Empires on your PC-

  • If you can’t wait to play Sparta War of Empires on your PC/Laptop, then click on the DOWNLOAD to start downloading the Plarium play app officially launched by the developers.
  • Tap on install to start downloading Sparta War of Empires. It’ll take around only 1 MB of your internet data.
  • Now, open the game and connect your Gmail or Facebook account to start playing Sparta War of Empires on your PC/Laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why I lost the battle when I killed all enemy units?

A- That’s because, in reality, you didn’t actually kill the entire enemy Units. You might be confused with the battle report. However, the fact is that you only see the report of the enemy units you have destroyed and not the total number of enemies.

Q- Can I play this game on my Low-end PC/Laptop?

A- Yes, you can play. Your pc/Laptop should have at least 1 GB of Ram.

Q- Is the Plarium app safe to use?

A- Yes, it safe to use. Moreover, Plarium officially launched this app.

Q- Is this a Paid Game?

A- No, Sparta War of Empires is a free game. However, you will need an active internet connection.

Q- Can I play this game on my Smartphone?

A- No, it is not possible for you to play Sparta War of Empires on your smartphone. You can either play in the browser of your PC or Plarium App. Moreover, I have already provided a link to download the app.

Q- In which browser, I can play this game?

A- You can play this any on any browser, but I recommend you to play this game on Google Chrome for Windows and Safari for MAC operating system.

Q- Can I cancel an attack, construction or upgrade?

A- Yes, it is possible for you to cancel your action within 50 seconds of your attack, construction, and upgrade. All you have to do is press the X icon t the top right corner of the tracking panels or building.


To conclude, I would say that this is one of the best online multiplayer games. In Sparta War of Empires, to receive more resources, you should give your best in conquering one or more colonies. So, go and conquer attractive territories that can deliver drachmas. Besides, if you face any problem in installing the Plarium app or playing this game then let us know the problem via the comment section.

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