Download PUBG PC Lite Free for Pc and Laptops

As you know about PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS,Peoples are crazy for this game, wallpapers and other related items because PUBG is the best battle royale game nowadays and recently Tencent launched PUBG PC Lite version for PC users. PUBG is developed by a big gaming company Tencent in March 2017 but from the last year 2018, this game received a big response and love from a worldwide audience. Pubg is available for every device like Android mobile, iPhone, Xbox, PS4, PC and Macbook.

You can play PUBG mobile free in Android and iOS but if you want to play PUBG on your pc or laptop then you have to pay for it otherwise you can play PUBG by using an emulator in your PC but it’s not like real PC version it’s just like your PUBG Mobile. But now you don’t need to download any emulator and don’t need to Pay for PUBG PC because Tencent launched PUBG PC Lite in South Asia and Latin America.

pubg pc lite

In past days PUBG PC Lite available in other regions like Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh but now Tencent releases this game in India also as a beta version. So you can play this game on your pc in India. Now you just need to download when you want to play this awesome game in your pc or laptop.


PUBG PC version is a paid version of PUBG. When you think to play PUBG PC version 1st of all you have to pay for it and then you also need a highly configure laptop with graphics card because PUBG is a high-quality battle royal game with realistic gameplay and amazing visual effects because of that lots of user cant play PUBG PC on there PC and Laptops and they aren’t able to pay for a game.

Now, I see Tencent gaming company is seriously worried about this problem or there all users, who like to play PUBG in there laptop and pc. That’s why Tencent releases PUBG PC Lite Free for there users who can’t pay for PUBG PC version so now you don’t need to pay and you don’t need a high-end laptop or pc to play this game. now you can play this game free in your low-end pc or laptop.

Now In this post, I will give you brief information to play this game with minimum and recommended configuration.

Just continue your reading…… 😊

My initial experience with PUBG PC lite

I am very happy 😊 to play PUBG PC lite version on my laptop. My 1st experience is just awesome with this game because it is the 1st time I played PUBG PC on my laptop without using an emulator. Firstly, I will tell you about the graphics of this game. Graphics of this game is pretty cool, you can also get the option to change the graphics setting in this Lite version.

You just go to the settings and you can see there are various options for graphics mode. It’s my personal advice friends, Select very low and low graphics mode when you play this game in low-end pc or laptop and If you are using good configuration pc or laptop then you can play in medium graphics mode but if you have a high-end pc or laptop then I recommend you, play this game in High graphics or ultra-graphic mode and enjoy the game with high-quality graphics.

There are you got a new update with weapons and 3 maps to play game same as your PUBG Mobile Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, Vikendi map is not available right now for play, I hope in the future Tencent will add Vikandi map in there PUBG PC Lite version. You can play these all maps with solo/duo/squad in TPP mode.

Important Note:- Click here to get complete PUBG Maps Guide and make your gameplay better.

Now I tell you about the minimum and recommended system requirements to play this game.

System Requirements to play PUBG PC Lite

Minimum System Requirements to play PUBG PC lite

OS Windows7,8,10,64bit

CPU Core i3 2.4GHz


GPU DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000


Recommended System Requirements to play PUBG PC Lite

OS Windows7,8,10,64bit

CPU Core i5 2.8GHz


GPU DirectX11 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870


Note:- System Requirements to play PUBG PC Lite is the same as to mention by PUBG officials.

New Features in PUBG PC Lite

Flare Gun Update

In PUBG PC Lite you got a new update in flare gun. Now you found the flare gun in every map and when you use your flare gun in the safe zone then you will get some special armours from airdrop but if you are using your flare gun outside from safe zone then you will get armoured UAZ.

New Vehicle Update

Tencent now added Tukshai in Sanhok map. Tukshai is space for only 3 players of the game and you can run this Tukshai with the maximum speed of 70-80kmph in this game.🙃

pubg pc lite new tuktuk

Fun Facts:- Basically Tukshai is called as an auto-rickshaw in India.😁

BP Shop Update

Now you will be able to purchase high-tier items with BP coins in your PUBG account. Earlier it was not possible for you to purchase PUBG High-tier items.

pubg pc lite bp shop update

Exchange your Items with BP

Now you can exchange your clothing items from the inventory box. You just need to click the exchange button and you receive BP in exchange but you cant exchange temporary items for BP in return.

Rate of exchange depends on the background colour of the items.

pubg pc lite color

Updated Damage Chart 

There is a Hit Area damage chart. In which you can check highly damaged area of the players.

pubg pc lite damage area chart

Other Updated features

  • Now you can match your screen scale of pc and laptop specifications.
  • Setting > Graphics > Advanced Settings > Adaptive Screen Scale

pubg pc lite graphics setting

Download PUBG PC Lite for PC and Laptop

PUBG PC Lite is only available for who can pre-register this game before launch. When you pre-register this game before launching PUBG PC Lite Beta then you can play the game free of cost in your pc and laptops. Click to the given link below to download PUBG PC Lite Beta.

pubg pc lite download
File Name: PUBG-Lite-Setup.exe Size: 61.3 MB


Install PUBG PC Lite on PC Step by Step Guide

Just follow the givens step to install the PUBG PC Lite in your pc or laptop.

  1. First, you just need to download the game setup provided by me from the given link above.
  2. After completing the setup downloading, just click two times on it to run the setup installation.
  3. Now, the setup screen will come with the popup and showing the message “Welcome to the PUBG Lite Setup wizard”.  Now Just Click to the ‘Next’ button.

pubg pc lite setup wizard

4. Now click to ‘I accept the agreement’ and Hit on ‘Next’.

pubg pc lite agreement

5. Now, you just have to choose the location to install the files in your PC or Laptop and Hit on ‘Next’ button.pubg pc lite

6. Click to ‘Create a desktop shortcut’ (Optional) and press the ‘Next’ button.

pubg pc lite desktop shortcut

7. Now, click to the ‘Install’ button to Install the PUBG PC Lite on your PC or laptop.

pubg pc lite install

8. Now, your installation process will be started. Just Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation.

pubg pc lite installing

9. After completing the installation, click to ‘Run Launcher.exe’ and then click on the ‘Finish’ button.

pubg pc lite finish

10. Now, a screen popup you can receive and it asking for login credentials. Just Go with them and login with your username or password and signup a new account in case if you don’t have an account.

pubg pc lite login

11. If you are logged in then a screen will appear you same as the given screenshot below. Now just Hit the ‘INSTALL’ button.