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PUBG NEWS ALERT!!!! Are you a Pubg Mobile lover? Hold your breath as I break Mindboggling news to you— Pubg Mobile lite is officially launched in India. Yeah! You read it right. So, if you are a low-end android mobile user and you want to play PUBG Mobile smoothly on your smartphone, then download Pubg mobile right away from the links provided by me below.

Moreover, Tencent recently rolled out beta version Pubg PC lite in the South Asia region absolutely free. So, since then, I had a feeling that Pubg Mobile lite will release sooner than later. Now, coming back to the topic, let me ask you a question— Are you tired of unnecessary lag & high ping issues of Pubg Mobile. Then Pubg Mobile Lite is made only just for you. Sounds Curious? Well, then let’s find out what Pubg Mobile lite has in store for you.

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Why PUBG Mobile Lite?

Nowadays, PUBG Mobile Lite is getting popular like PUBG Mobile. In fact, right after its release in the Indian market, it has received a big response from the Indian community of Pubg users.  Besides, you can look at the number of downloads within days of its launch—10 Million+ freaking downloads from the Google play store. By releasing PUBG Mobile Lite, Tencent solved some major problems of Indian PUBG lovers. PUBG Mobile is big in size so several users faced like PUBG crashed at launch and lag during gameplay because of the low configuration of mobile. Right now, this lagging issue is solved by PUBG with the launch of PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite is the lighter version of your favourite Battle Royale game  PUBG Mobile. It is specially built for low-end smartphone users who have less than 2GB of Ram. You don’t need to buy an expensive mobile phone to play PUBG Mobile. Just download the game from Play Store and you’re good to dive into the lag-free dose of entertainment.


Here are some new features of PUBG Mobile Lite


When I discuss graphics of the game, here you can get good graphics quality in PUBG Mobile Lite version but less than from PUBG Mobile Full version. Wondering why? Well, especially because the mobile lite version is exclusively built for the low-end mobile user. Here PUBG team try to make your gameplay smoother and faster compare to PUBG MOBILE. That’s why graphics are not so good but according to the game size (400mb), You can get good graphic quality in this version.

New Battleground

In this version, you compete against 60 players in the battleground for chicken dinner under the radius of 2km x 2km in the new erangel map. According to the given battleground radius, your match will be finished in a maximum of 9 to 10 minutes.

New Erangel map

pubg mobile lite
new erangel map

Here you can get just one map to play in PUBG Mobile Lite & that is Erangel. There are several changes in the Erangel map of PUBG Mobile Lite version. However, some locations are still the same but their names are changed by the developers. You can play erangel map in two modes- classic mode & arcade mode.

pubg map

New Winner Pass

In this version, you don’t have Battle Royale Pass because your battle pass is replaced with Winner Pass. The best thing about winner pass is that your items, achievements and rewards are unlocked faster than Battle Royale Pass.

Extended Time to Kill

Tencent also increases the “Time to Kill” in PUBG Mobile Lite. It can help you Increase your surviving time during the gameplay.

Heal yourself while moving

This one is amazing; I like this feature most personally. In which you can heal yourself while moving or running situation. It can also help you increase your survival time during the gameplay.

Supplies optimization 

Now you can get Big Loot in Erangel map because Tencent has increased the supplies frequency in PUBG Mobile Lite version. This will help you in getting lots of Chicken Dinner quickly.


To kill your enemy, you get weapons similar to the PUBG Mobile like UMP9, M416, Vector, Mini-14, SKS, Kar98, SLR, AKM, SCAR-L, M16A4, M762, UZI, S1897, Tommy Gun, DP-28, S686, P18C, VSS, s12k, r45 and CROSSBOW. Tencent increased recoil and bullet speed. One more thing I experience in the game is that you can find M24 Sniper easily in erangel map. On a personal note, M24 is such a nice sniper gun, & I really like this bolt action sniper rifle the most.

In AirDrop, you can find Mk14, Aug A3, Groza, AWM, M249 and RPG-7 Rocket launcher.

Minimum Requirements to play PUBG Mobile Lite

You just need an Android device which runs on android version 4.0.3 and 2GB ram, Size of the game is 400MB So you just need free space in your smartphone more than 400MB before downloading the game. If you have this type of specifications in your device then you can run PUBG Mobile Lite easily in your android device.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite for android device

Follow Given steps to download PUBG Mobile Lite

  1. Tap on the download box provided by me below.
  2. Now, you’ll be redirected to Pubg Mobile Lite on the Google Play Store.
  3. Finally, tap to download button and enjoy the game.

Developer: Level Infinite
Price: To be announced
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE Screenshot


Q1. PUBG Mobile Lite is available for iOS?

A. No, PUBG Mobile Lite is only available for android device only.

Q2. What is the size of PUBG Mobile Lite?

A. Size of the game is 400MB only.

Q3. Requirement to play PUBG Mobile Lite?

A. You just need an android device with 2GB ram.

Q4. PUBG Mobile Lite is available for India?

A. Yes, PUBG Mobile Lite now available in India officially.

Q5. Can I run PUBG Mobile in my Low-End Android device?

A. Yes, you can run PUBG Mobile Lite in your Low-End android device.

Q6- Can I install Pubg Mobile & Pubg Mobile lite in my mobile?

A. Yes, you can install & play both the games on your smartphone. However, I would never recommend you to do this if you have a low-end Android device.


Now everyone can able to experience playing PUBG in their smartphone even if you have a low-end device. Although, Pubg Mobile lite is not yet available for iOS device, but still you can play it on any android devices. You can download this game from play store easily. If you have any question regarding PUBG Mobile Lite, let me know in the comment section. I will give answers to all your questions instantly.


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