Robokiller- Best Scam Protection App Ever

FINALLY! You can get sight of relief from unwanted spam calls as I introduce Robokiller app to you. Robokiller is a must have an app for you, if scammers and Telemarketers have made your life a living hell. Wired, NBC, ABC World News, Vice, The New York Times and many others, are raging about the power of RoboKiller to block more than 1,100,000 spam numbers.

In 30 days, RoboKiller can help you in reducing unwanted calls by up to 90%. To use this app, you can opt for a trial period of seven days, and if you loved this app, then you can purchase its premium subscription. You can go for either monthly or yearly subscriptions.


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Features of Latest RoboKiller App

You can download the latest version of Robokiller app for your Android and iOS device from the links provided by me below. However, before proceeding, you should know some of the mind-blowing features of this app-

Database of Spammers- Robokiller has an extensive database of spammers that it uses to identify a spammer and protect you from them. Right now, Robokiller has the information of more than a million spammers in their list.

Sweet Revenge– Scammers operates at a swift pace. So, to protect you, RoboKiller too moves at a much quicker pace. In fact, by using its answer bots, you can take revenge from the scammers. Answer-bots can drive scammer nuts, and within 30 days, it can result in a 90% reduction of spam calls.

Audio-Fingerprints Spammer- Scammers can change their number, but it’s difficult for them to improve their voice. So, as answer bots waste the time of a scammer, Robokiller detects the voice patterns. Robokiller will record a spam call, analyse the fingerprint of voice, find the numbers with the same fingerprints and finally, block all of them for your protection.

Put spammers out of business- Waste the time of spammers by using the Answer bots. Use RoboRadio to find out the hilarious answer bots at work.

RoboRadio- You can use roboradio to listen to the hilarious chats with Answer bots. From drunken waste-oids and a guy with harmful gas to grumpy old men and big-time producers with clout. It can entertain and protect you in every possible way.

SMS Spam Protection- If you receive too many unwanted text messages and causing interruption then robokiller can help you filter out these messages and make sure that you stay focused with your work.

Personal Allow and Block list- In addition to the auto protection, you can manually create a list of contacts that you want to allow or block.

Spoofing- Are you getting spam calls via Spoofing? Then robokiller can help you even if the spammer has changed its location.

Support- If you have any question regarding this app, then you can contact the customer for more information as they provide 24/7 services.

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Robokiller Review

Just like any other person, I used to get irrelevant calls from the telemarketers or any other spam numbers. After finding out so many exciting features, I was curious to try this app in my smartphone. So, I downloaded this app on my iPhone and straightaway registered for a trial period. The first thing that I noticed after installing this app was that I hardly received any unwanted messages anymore. To make sure any critical call is not blocked, Robokiller app provided a feature that allowed me to review every blocked request.

At the time of review, I found out that most of the blocked calls were unnecessary. However, this app blocked a call from my health insurance company that I had to receive. However, it wasn’t a big deal for me. So, to make sure that this app does not block this caller again in the future, I added that contact in my allowed list. I even listened to some recordings of auto-bots, and I can place a bet you too will find them hilarious. In addition to this, you can use them to take revenge and waste the time of spam callers. So, I can say that after purchasing the inexpensive subscription, you can finally have a peace of mind.

Pricing of Robokiller App

You can download RoboKiller app for free on your smartphone. However, to use this app, you will purchase its premium subscription similar to Netflix or Hulu. If you are a new user of Robokiller app, then the company provides a free trial. You can use it before spending your money. However, to get a trial, you must register your account with a Credit Card.

Once, your trial period is over, your subscription of robokiller will automatically start, and money will be deducted from your account. Besides, if you don’t want to renew your account, then you can cancel your subscription at any point of time from the Google Play Store.  For this, you have to go under the My accounts section of Google play store and find subscription tap to cancel your subscription. For exact pricing, you can refer to F.A.Q. that is given below.

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How can you Install ROBOKILLER APP on Android?

ROBOKILLER APP is available for you to download on both Android and iOS. So, if you want to protect yourself from spammers than follow these steps to download the latest version of Robokiller app.

  • Connect your Android to the internet using your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.
  • Click on the Google Play store link provided by us below. Now, you will be redirected to this game.
  • Select on install to begin the installation process. The size of this app for Android is around 25MB. However, the size may vary as per your device.
  • Once installed, open the game and login with your account details.
  • Now, enter your credit card details to start your free trial of Robokiller app on your Android Smartphone.

RoboKiller - Spam Call Blocker
RoboKiller - Spam Call Blocker
Price: To be announced
  • RoboKiller - Spam Call Blocker Screenshot
  • RoboKiller - Spam Call Blocker Screenshot
  • RoboKiller - Spam Call Blocker Screenshot
  • RoboKiller - Spam Call Blocker Screenshot
  • RoboKiller - Spam Call Blocker Screenshot

How can you Install ROBOKILLER APP on iOS?

  • Connect your iOS device to the internet using your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.
  • Click on the app store link provided by us below to start downloading ROBOKILLER APP.
  • Select install to begin the installation process. The size of ROBOKILLER APP for the iOS device is approx 162MB.
  • Once installed, open the game and login with your account details.
  • Now, enter your credit card details to start your free trial of Robokiller app on your iOS Smartphone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Can I play this app on my iPad?

A- Yes, you can use this app on both your iPhone and iPad. So, you don’t have to be worry regarding this.

Q- Is this a Paid App?

A- Yes, it is a paid app and can cost you $0.99/month. However, you can go for a one-week trial before going for a subscription pack.

Q- Can I play this app on my Windows PC?

A- Yes, you can use this app in your PC using the MuMu emulator. However, you may find a bit of difficulty in using this app on your PC.

Q- Can I use one Credit card again and again?

A- No, you can never use the same credit card back in another robokiller account.


Robokiller has FTC-award winning technology, that can help you in Automatically blocks spam and robocallers. In addition to this, robokiller app has insanely hilarious answer bots that can drive telemarketers crazy. Hilarious Answer Bots automatically answer your spam calls, driving telemarketers crazy.

To make sure that you have the up-to-date protection, the developers update its spam protection at regular intervals. Besides, if you see blocked calls in your history, that this app allows you to listen why spam callers were calling you. Moreover, if you have any question regarding this app then let us know via the comment section. We will provide instant answers to you for your satisfaction.

If Robokiller helped you in the protection of your device, then don’t forget to rate us out of five stars. In the future, we will try to provide some discount coupon on the subscription of this app. So, stay tuned.

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