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Command And Conquer Rivals

It might remind you, your own childhood. The good old days of playing video games on TV. Then the revolution brought in by Play stations. But now its mobile phones which have changed the game. If you are crazy about games like me then you might be waiting for long for Download Command and Conquer Rivals to be available on mobile phones as an application to play. It is one of the best real-time strategies game.

In this game, there are two teams against each other on the battlefield. They have their own base which they have to protect from each other. To conquer each other, each of the team has to destroy it’s opponent’s base before one another. The team which destroys other’s base first will win the match. Sending a troop to destroy other’s base is one of the options but it is not much effective. If you really want to destroy your opponent then you must place your own profile in the centre of the map and then shoot fire to get the best results.

Download Command And Conquer Rivals

The missile is the only weapon which makes you destroy the base and win the game. If you own a missile then the game is in your hands. Hits two missiles and destroy your opponent’s base and win the game. You want to own a missile before your opponent then occupies more area than your opponent in the battleground.

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  1. It is one of the best real-time strategy game.
  2. You might need credits and diamonds to play or buy weapons in the game.
  3. You need to earn a missile rather than buying it, and you can earn by playing well.
  4. The game is designed in such a way that you have proper control over units with a touchscreen.
  5. The battles are designed more mobile friendly than the classic one.
  6. You will have the fantastic RTS experience and the manageable economy.
  7. You can unlock the levels and weapons without spending a penny. Rather you need to play, play and play to unlock the next levels and weapons.
  8. Pre-registration to play this game in alpha-testing mode is free of cost. you just need to register yourself and get the credential to play.
  9. It is overall an amazing game to play and have fun with your friends with all the fantastic features.

Download Command And Conquer Rivals

This game is not yet launched officially. You need to pre-register yourself to play the game on your android devices. You need to Download Command And Conquer Rivals visit their website or play store if you want to pre-register yourself for playing this game as the testing version. The game is available for alpha-testing before it’s launch. As you register, to Download Command And Conquer Rivals you will get an email from the team of Command and Conquer Rivals with a link to download the pre-alpha version of the game for testing before its official launch. Follow the instructions mention in the email to download the game and you will get login credentials also for login into the game. Login with that credentials and you can now enjoy the game before it gets officially launch worldwide.


Yes! you need to register yourself with the official website of Command and conquer rivals to play this game in pre-alfa testing mode. After visiting the website, you will get an option of selecting between IOS device and Android Device. Select your preferred choice and fill in the form with required details.

If you pre-register yourself now, you will get early bird bundle of fun-filled things to play this game like credits, titan unit, and diamonds. Later, these will help you in playing the game better. Using these credits and diamonds you can buy some weapons to play this game and conquer your rivalries.

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This is one of the best game with a mild level of violence. In this game, you can fight with the opponents in the real-time present in all-over the world. You can even use real-time strategies to conquer each other.

The Best Way To Download Command And Conquer Rivals
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