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With over 5 Million downloads and 4.6 ratings on play store, Pocket Troops is one of the famous military shooter games on play store. In this game, you have to enter into a battlefield as a cartoon character to lead a mini gangster army of determined and fearless commanders. Moreover, you have to combat against powerful military bosses.

So, to defeat military bosses, you will need a team of frontline mini warriors to keep them in your pocket. If you love playing Role-Play games, then you have to build a group of experienced minion fighters similar to RAID Shadow Legends. To win over other military bosses, you have to recruit and train yourself along with a ragtag band of soldiers. Additionally, you can fight with other players to show them who is the real boss between them.

pocket troops
pocket troops

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Features of Pocket Troops

  1. The gameplay of Pocket Troops requires strategies to battle a tactical fight. Moreover, you can indirectly control your troops.
  2. Don’t get shocked, as you will see an army of tiny angry dudes with the combination of crazy weapons and gear. To win a fight, you have to come up with a new strategy whenever required. When you play this game, don’t ever think that any mission is impossible.
  3. The main story of this game revolves around an evil guy who wants to take over the world. He wants to create an army of soldiers where everyone wears black. Isn’t it Crazy?
  4. This game has several interactive and cool facilities such as Military base, cash device, fish tank and shelter upgrades to store your weapons. However, in reality, all these are different types of weapons that you will need to crush your enemy. You won’t believe when I say that weapon set of this game is somewhat similar to Pubg Best Weapon. Some firearms you can find in this game are cannon, machine gun, artillery, shotgun, sniper rifles, machine gun, and so on.
  5. A pig with the name of Boris inspired and later permitted, the Handcrafted music and cartoonish graphics.
  6. Moreover, when you play this game, you will find that all individual action soldiers have something in common. Any Guesses? To make this game entertaining, developers added some good jokes in this game.
  7. You will find several mercenaries in Pocket Troops with a different set of skills and qualities.
      • Trooper
        A trooper is a perfect unit of soldiers who are lightweight and takes the initiative quickly. They equip themselves with good armour and mid-range Automatic Rifles.
      • Sniper
        A sniper uses a long-range weapon with high accuracy. Their arms give critical damage to opponents from far away.
      • Gunner
        They equip Long range weapons to cover multiple targets using the splash damage.
      • Commander
        A commander uses a long-range heavy machine gun. However, their weapon has low accuracy, but still, they manage to deal with lots of damage. They have very High health points, and their regeneration makes them a tough opponent for others.
      • Scout
        Scouts indulge in close range battles with a shotgun. Their weapon has high accuracy, and its splash damage can cover multiple targets. Additionally, they can through grenades against enemies using long-range weapons.
      • Spy
        When you talk about close combat, spies are a master of it. They are lightweight and equip armour Initially, you will find it hard to train them, but later you get used to it because they are worth it. They can cause a severe headache to their opponents using their teleportation tricks.

What’s new in the Latest Update of Pocket Troops

  • The latest update introduced the first female character ever. You will find an Agent S from special forces on the recruitment field.
  • Now, you can recruit headstrong ladies in your scout class. So, say hello to them.
  • After the latest update, you will get a fair deal for a low price. If you don’t believe me, then let me tell you that you can find resources, elite forces subscription and rare and legendary skills in the legendary chest.

How can you download Pocket Troops on your Android Device?

  1. If you can’t wait to play Pocket Troops on your Android Smartphone, then just go to play store and start downloading.
  2. Tap on install to start downloading Pocket Troops. It’ll take around 189 MB of your internet data.
  3. Now, open the game and connect your Gmail or Facebook account to start playing Pocket Troops.

How can you download Pocket Troops on your iOS Device?

  1. To download Pocket Troops on your iPhone and iPad, then just go to the app store and start downloading.
  2. Now, tap on install to start downloading the game. It’ll take around 525 MB of your internet data.
  3. Now, open the app and log in using your Gmail or Facebook account to start playing Pocket Troops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the genre of Pocket Troops?
A- Pocket Troops is a role-playing game where you have to build an army of troops to rule over the world.
Q- Can I play Pocket Troops on my iPad?
A- Yes, Pocket troops is available for both iPhone and iPad.
Q- I have a Low-end android smartphone. Can I play on it?
A- Yes, you can play. Moreover, I am playing Pocket troops on my 2-year-old smartphone, and it’s working fine.

Final Words

To conclude, I would say that, Pocket Troops has multiple bosses with an exciting plot. To win over a world, you have to complete many missions. However, if you think that you will get bored, well, let me tell you my friend, most of the characters in this game have a cartoonish graphics along with some funny jokes that will not let you get bored quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Start fighting with other players and later challenge them by entering in the global challenge map. Moreover, if you have any problem in playing Pocket Troops or have any suggestion, then don’t forget to contact us via the comment section.

If you found all the information regarding pocket troops: Tactical RPG useful then don’t forget to rate us out of 5 stars as it encourages us to more about role-playing games.

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