Carrom Board Game: Download and Play to Earn Real Cash

Carrom is one of the oldest casual games in the Indian subcontinent. The game is widely played in local clubs and bylanes of India. You will also find carrom fanatics in every city you visit here. There is no need for an eagle eye to spot these players, chances are you will get drawn in soon once they find you strolling by their game.

The online game of carrom has also become popular recently after many board games were adapted into video game versions to be playable on smart devices. You can play carrom online by downloading one of the several apps from the digital markets and choosing the best one that suits you.


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The game has survived for a long time while belonging to the family of the oldest casual games in India. Let’s see how carrom has been able to keep the audiences engaged and what makes it still a great game that will stand the test of time.

Helps in Building Focus

The carrom game takes skill and develops your all-around focus in ways other contemporary games do not. When you are playing carrom with your friends or any other opponent, you cannot shift your focus from the board elsewhere, or you will lose your grasp on the game. The game is turn-based, and once you have lost your chance of making a difference in your turn, you have to sit back and watch your opponent make the most of their play.

To drop a difficult token, you must aim carefully and focus on the right strength required to make a good shot using your finger. The more you can focus on your turns, the sooner you can finish the game and provide fewer chances for your rival to catch up. This focus-building exercise also impacts your real life and makes you capable in other instances where you require concentration. To be precise, playing carrom with friends gives you the same benefits as doing focus-building exercises, so people will choose the option that guarantees more fun.

Helps in Connecting People

The audience of a carrom match can circle the board along with the players and observe the game without any problem or discomfort suffered on the player’s end. In addition, carrom provides you with a great community experience that is incomparable. In local areas, the game is a gathering of gossip and casual banter and proves to be an efficient tool around which people can hang out and have a light time after a long day at work.

Since carrom has no hidden tricks, you have to win the game with your mind and physical skill. Audiences hanging around suggest shots to the local players, and they sometimes play along those lines, even grabbing a win in the game. Only a handful of games in the world offer a friendly environment where everyone is included in the fun.

Encourages Analytical Thinking

When the first shot is played, you must locate all the tokens you can hit on your turn. If the next turn after the player’s hit is yours, then you get a slightly better chance, but the later your turn comes, the more options to play down easier coins diminishes. You, as a player, have to reorient what shots you will take as, more often than not, the rebound suffered by the striker completely changes the positions of the coins on the board.

While making your shots to pocket your coins, you also have to remember that the moment you miss, your opponent gets a turn and could try to win the game. At this stage, you have to think of pocketing your coin and the striker’s rebound to take away marked coins that the rival could score in his turn. This forward-thinking develops your brain and helps you organize and orient things in your day-to-day life more efficiently than before. The carrom game encourages analytical thinking and forces you to chalk out more solutions to a single problem.

Win Prizes and Rewards

Modern-day carrom has evolved to a state where it is indispensable to daily life. You can get an app for it on your phone and play the game the entire day whenever and wherever you please. It is convenient and bypasses the extra baggage of having to carry a playing board and coins around to be able to play it.

On apps, you not only enjoy the classic game but also earn money and rewards by defeating rivals in online matches. Of course, you risk losing, but there is also a feature that allows you to play innumerable practice matches so that you are fully prepared to play an actual opponent for the final prize. Playing carrom has not been this lucrative, so even more people are flocking in to get a taste of it.


From the looks of it, just when everyone thought the world had given up on board games after the invention of high graphics games, the developers brought back the classics in the most innovative manner. The modern world needs more of these old board games as, in that process, we get to keep our heritage alive and thriving.

The present rise of carrom among the zoomers seems promising, and they are turning to practice the actual board game after getting introduced to the gaming app on their smart devices. The future of carrom in such contexts looks promising and is bound to only get better with time, that’s for sure.

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