Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode and Season 2 [ New Update ]

Finally, the wait is over, for the latest update of Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode (CODM). It was made available by the makers as per the expected time, Call of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode release time was 22nd November 2019. It is highly expected to be zombie theme mode. Which supports the maximum use of automatic controllers. It has a new battle pass with more exciting loot and gears.

Playing the latest version of CODM is so much fun, I have tried my hands-on it playing with the latest gears and loot. After the launch of the game in October, this is the most exciting update of this game for which users like you and me were waiting much eagerly. You might be looking for the Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode release time and date for India, which is same as the equivalent time for the actual time of release.

call of duty mobile zombie mode release time

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Major features of the latest zombie mode update: –

4 Players mode:-

call of duty mobile zombies mode and season 2

It is the fun pack of most exciting and much-awaited features. COD Mobile Zombie is packed with the return of enemies naming, the Avogadro, the Napalm Zombies, and Brutus. New features include many numbers of new skins and weapons in the latest CODM Zombie mode. The most awaited feature which we cannot skip to count here is that 4 players mode, which means 4 players can play at a time.


The new version includes a map of the battle site as well. The teaser updated with a short video clip on Twitter showing the world map already gave the hint about map release in this mode even before the launch of Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode. It is the most exciting and expected feature of COD Mobile as it was already available for COD PC & console version.

call of duty mobile zombie mode release time

There are many more different features that help players to survive in battle pass. The map is one of them. It helps in searching, locating and understanding the battle pass very easily and which results in conquering it efficiently and effectively.

Different Modes to play:

With the release of COD mobile Zombie mode, many different modes have been updated in the game. We can choose to play in many numbers of different modes like “Raid” and “Survival” and I am much positive that the makers Activision will be adding much more such modes in the upcoming versions of Call of Duty mobile.

Zombie Survival Mode: –

call of duty mobile zombies mode and season 2

It is an FPS battle to be played with your own team for the survival of players from the super horror zombies. The players need to survive from the crowd of giant and live zombies. It really gives to Goosebumps while imagine and writing about the lives and supergiant zombies.

Double XP mode:

It means you will get double of everything. Your rank will be double and your weapons will be double as well. You need to win, acquire and activate the double XP token to play in double XP mode. This mode was earlier available in call of duty PC & console version, COD modern warfare.


Flexibility is another most liked feature of this latest update. It allows us to select either we need to boost the player with double XP mode or we want to play in normal mode. It helps us in strategizing the game in an efficient way so that we can win it without any miss.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2:

Call of Duty Mobile new update of Season 2 is being followed by Zombie mode. There are a lot many different features and updates with the update of Season 2 for the Call of Duty Mobile. It is the new winter theme with new rewards and ranks for the leader boards. It will be the super exciting fun for us users to play call of duty zombie mode in the winter season theme.

The battle pass, rewards, and ranks for winners and maps of the battle pass will be based on the winter season as well. It is the most exciting and feels like butterflies in my stomach to image the full-fledge COD Mobile Zombie with Season 2.

I am super duper excited to play it with the mobile title. Now is the end of hold-time as Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode release time was 22 November 2019 and now even can enjoy and have fun as same as the full fledge PC & console version.

Frequently Asked Questions | Call of Duty Mobile

Q1.How can we play Call of duty mobile zombie in double XP mode?

A. You need to win, acquire and activate the token for double XP mode. Once it is activated then you can select either to play COD mobile in double XP mode or normal XP mode.

Q2. Can Call of Duty Mobile be played by anyone without any age restrictions?

A.No, it is recommended for 16+ only as it has strong violence in it.

Q3. What is the size of call of duty mobile zombies mode?

A. Size of the new update is approx 1.5GB.

Final words

This latest zombie update of Call of Duty Mobile is something which makes this COD Mobile much similar to the full-fledged Call of Duty Modern Warfare that is for PC & Console. It is the most awaited version for the mobile title which gives the feel of playing COD on mobile with all the features of COD modern warfare.

The wait is over now and we can enjoy the full-fledge game like Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode release time was 22 November 2019 and it was released as per schedule.

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