PUBG Best Weapons with Ultimate Base Damage & Fire Rate

Some Players argue that there is nothing like “pubg best weapons and also say “ PUBG is all about Player’s skills and up to Tool”. Well! We partially agree with the statement but do believe that the Worthy In-game knowledge about every weapon is also a fundamental skill. As in able to reach to next level in PUBG, A Player should know the capability of each weapon.

Because use of the right weapon at a right time can really make big difference in any Game! Gamers go through PUBG best weapons Guide to understand the capability of each Gun & Missile. However, a champion like you only need to refer pubg best weapons Tier List to effectively use it. This post is all about best Gun in PUBG mobile with damage & fire rate to understand it so let’s start.

pubg best weapons
pubg best weapons

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Newly Added PUBG Best Weapons 


pubg best weapons
MK47 Mutant

Mk 47 is a newly added assault rifle which has got 20 round capacity at the moment and this capacity may be increased up to 30 rounds. This weapon is compatible with all old attachments and It has two modes of firing such as Single shot and 2-round burst.


pubg best weapons

With having the capacity of 100 magazines, this updated version is very effective but it can only be available during supply drops. So never forget to try it during supply drops.

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Top 3 Assault Rifle in Pubg Mobile

pubg best weapons


pubg best weapons
groza assault rifle

A bullpup Russian rifle with having hit damage of 49 is the best choice for you. This is known as pubg best weapons as it has got fir rate of 0.008 and it takes 0.24 sec to kill the target. Chest-shot requires 4 bullets and headshot requires 2 bullets to kill a target. 0.3 Sec Reloading time is the only disadvantage you can be experienced with this weapon but you can give maximum damage to target up to 80.

Note– Groza is found in Air Drops.


pubg best weapons
Assault Rifle – AKM

AKM has got all the reasons to become your permanent weapon because it has got the same hit damage Rate as Groza. However, in the above image, you can easily see the difference in Fire rate, killing time and DPS for a better choice. Most of the players prefer M762 in Pubg but AKM is better than M762 so try it now.


pubg best weapons

With having the same base damage rate as AKM and GROZA. DP-28 is also a very handy rifle for you. But you have to fire rate, Killing-time and DPS (damage per second) into consideration while selecting any of the one rifles. If you want, you can try these 3 pubg best weapons and decide yourself which one would work better for you.

Top 5 Sniper Rifles in Pubg

pubg best weapons
Top 5 Sniper Rifles in Pubg


pubg best weapons

It is on top of the list among all sniper rifles because it has got the highest base damage rate 120 and also a very high fire rate of 1.85. What else you want when you are targeting from long distance! Right.


pubg best weapons
M24 Sniper Rifle

This sniper is an updated version of kar98 hence improved base dame rate such as 88 and little less fire rate compare to AWM. But I guess it is enough for you on loot creates. The main plus point to carry this sniper is, you can extend magazine capacity from 5 bullets to 7 bullets.


pubg best weapons
kar98 Sniper Rifle

Many Gamers consider Kar98k is a basic bolt rifle but you can easily see that it has got a higher fire rate among all 5. Well! 75 damage rate is a little low compared to AWM and M24 but It can be deadly if you utilize it properly. According to most of the users, these are the pubg best weapons available in the sniper category.

Win 94:

pubg best weapons
Winchester 1894

You might be very comfortable with WIN 94 but it has got only 66 base damage rate and only 0.6 fire rate. But due to 110 DPS, This sniper is at 4th place in this list.

Mk14 EBR:

pubg best weapons

This rare gun is only available during air dropped loot creates. However, you surely impressed by the automatic mode it has. It has got only 61 base damage and very low fire rate (0.009) but surprisingly! The longest range among all snipers.

Top 3 Shotguns in Pubg Mobile

pubg best weapons
Top 3 Best Guns in Pubg Mobile


pubg best weapons

An ideal shotgun for you as it offers a snappier fire rate O.2 and such high DPS (1125). The Only drawback to choose that you have to reload it after one shot which can be somewhat problematic in high-hazard circumstances where many enemies are included. It’s as yet an incredible shotgun in the event that you can figure out how to get into cover while you reload, and it offers the quickest slug speed compared to S12k and S1897.


pubg best weapons

It has got good magazine capacity compared to S686 but the DPS is very low otherwise it would be a great choice for you. However, we still believe this gun is appropriate to use in a close quarter combat situation so try it.


pubg best weapons

This automatic shotgun is for those players who want to do quick-fire so if you are one of them who do not believe in the pump or double barrel action then pick this shotgun.

Comparison of Pubg Weapon Damage Chart

pubg best weapons

In the above image you can easily compare stats for sawed –off, R1895, R45, P1911, and P92.


pubg best weapons

Sawed off is deserved to be on top of the list because it has got highest base damage rate of 160 among all pistols and Side arm but It can only be effective while you are shooting from shortdistance.


pubg best weapons
R1895 – PISTOL

This particular pistol uses 7.62 mm ammo type hence It can create maximum damage but the only problem with this pistol is, you cannot attach scope with It.


pubg best weapons

R45 pistol is also described as a modern revolver in pubg mobile weapon Guide. You can attach the red dot to effectively use it, with red-dot, the piston is only effective in close range.


pubg best weapons

This sidearm uses 45 ACP round because of that you will get superb stopping-power at close range. When you compare it with another sidearm you may feel, P1911 is not for long distance. It is true but for killing nearby enemies, P1911 weapon is best among all sidearm.


pubg best weapons

You can use full auto mode with P92 which can make close target shooting very easy particularly in the early-amusement when all players are less inclined to wear body protective layer or caps. Obviously like any other pistol, P92 isn’t performing extraordinary at long range, however, if you can control its horrible backlash then this sidearm will end up being your ideal friend on the combat zone.

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Other Pubg Mobile Weapon Stats

pubg best weapons

By Observing above Image, You can clearly identify that crossbow is the best for you. However, with using different attachment in Pan and machete, you can effectively utilize each weapon. Same way you can use a various attachment for Crossbow and improve your performance easily.

Top 4 SMG in Pubg Weapon Tier List

pubg best weapons

As per our research and analysis, these are the top 4 SMG for you, you can try with Tommy gun and see how it works for you, If you are not comfortable with Tommy Gun then Pick anyone from UMP9, Vector or UZI to decide which one is perfect for you.

To summarize I would say that all weapon’s base damage data & fire rate is different, it is straight forward that you must aware above the base damage and fire rate before changing or picking any weapon while playing.

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