Best Loot Locations in Fortnite Season 7 Map

Fortnite Season 7 map is the most complicated thing in Fortnite season 7 because it introduces some new map locations or area. Moreover, fortnite consists of a 10×10 grid with several major locations known as POIs (points of interest). Fortnite has only one Map which gets updated every season. Right now, Season 7 is in progress which is not different from earlier Seasons. Fortnite Island is covered in snow this season and introduced some new features for you to explore.

Sometimes, fortnite removes some locations from the Map or changes the way a building is built such as Tilted Towers. As of now in Season 7, there are three biomes again and snow has melted. So, now you can expect most of the area to be in that icy zone, which is officially titled the Iceberg biome.

fortnite season 7 map
fortnite season 7 map

Fortnite introduced a significant change in the game and that is the addition of icy surfaces. You’ll slide whenever you try to walk across. It will look like you are ice skating. However, For me, It is a fun feature that adds an exciting new dimension to the game.

Moreover, Fortnite recently introduced a new X-4 Stormwing Plane. This new fighter plane can have an entire squad of players in it with a machine gun. So, I request you to keep an eye out for new planes launched by Fortnite to take most use out of it.

Furthermore, small new changes are made across the entire map. For example- Leaky Lake returned to its original name of Loot Lake, two locations naming Flush Factory and Greasy Grove is gone. If you are a bit confused then don’t worry I will explain all these locations in detail.

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POI in Fortnite Season 7 Map 

fortnite season 7 map

POI (Point of Interest) are well-known locations of Fortnite Season 7 Map as most users go over there on the Island. However, fortnite changes its point of interest every season. So, well-known locations of fortnite are-

Happy Hamlet

It’s an area located at south coordinate D9 of the Fortnite Map. Moreover, Happy Hamlet is on the south of Shifty Shafts and west of Lucky Landing. It replaced Flush Factory POI in Season 7.

Polar Peak

It’s a new location in Fortnite Season 7. You can find it on the iceberg in the snow biome. Moreover, you will see a small castle on the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, The central tower and two smaller towers below together create a wall on the ice. Most of the ice is covered by snow. All the zip line leads to the ice.

Frosty Flights

Its coordinates are A8 and B8, which are west from the Polar Peak fortnite season 7 map. Moreover, Season 7 of Battle Pass introduced this POI in the Map. It is a military airbase consists of hangers and a runway. It has two hangars placed right next to each other.

Moreover, a control tower looks over the entire location. Colour of all the buildings are Red in this location.

Lazy Links

Lazy Link is at north coordinates F2-F3, west of Risky Reels. This place is a country club that has all the recreational sports including a pool, volleyball court, golf course, and other amenities.  Furthermore, Fortnite added Lazy Links in the Season 5 after the initial Patch 5.0 update on July 12, 2018. So, In this season,  Lazy links replaced Anarchy Acres on this location.

Haunted Hills

You will locate Haunted Hills at northwest coordinates B2 of the Fortnite season 7 Map. However, It is a cemetery that has several sheds, church, and a sizeable haunted castle. Fortnite released and added it on the Patch update 2.0 of the Season 2.

Junk Junction

You will locate Junk Junction at the northwest of the fortnite season 7 map with coordinates B1 and B2, north of Haunted Hills. So, Fortnite released it with patch 2.0 update of season 2. It is a small fenced area of the scrap yard.

Moreover, it contains piles of scrap metal in its walls. It has two main buildings. Besides, the structure on the west includes stairs from the ground level. It’s building allow you to access its roof from stairs. It’s Building on the eastern side has both the first and second floor. It has two small sheds on the rooftop. A wrecking ball is on the roof of the building.

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Note- It is the northernmost named area on the map.

Snobby Shores

The location of Snobby Shores is at west coordinates A5. It is a wealthy neighbourhood with large luxury houses and villa. Moreover, It is on the west direction of the Fortnite Season 7 Map. Fortnite released it with Patch 2 update of Season 2.

Pleasant Park

Its coordinates are C3 and C4 which are northwest of Loot Lake and southeast of Haunted Hills. Besides, It has a large suburban town with park, houses and an open American football field. Additionally, It contains a gazebo, with picnic tables.

Tomato Temple

You can locate Tomato Temple at northeast with coordinates G3 and G4, north. The season7 of fortnite replaced Tomato Town with the Tomato Temple. Additionally, it has a new stone temple. However, it’s inclusion destroyed Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit.

Moreover, now the tomato sign on the top of the temple has successfully gained a wooden crown after the formation of Tomato Temple. All the bowls inside the temple are full of tomatoes. The below-ground section is full of stone ruins, stairs going up to the above-ground part, and a few chests spawns. The Tomatohead also gained a new wooden crown style with the release of Tomato Temple.

Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods is located to the east of Tomato Temple and north of  Lonely Lodge. It is a wooded area with sheds, cabins, an indestructible bunker and a hedge maze all made up of wood. Furthermore, It has an underground research facility in the centre.

Loot Lake

Loot Lake is a giant form of water, with the addition of industrial buildings on the western coast; a house used to be on an island in the middle. However, due to reduced loot spawns in the area, it is not a favourite drop spot and is rarely visited by more than two people.

Dusty Divot

You can locate this POI in the rough centre of the map – in between Tilted Towers and Retail Row.

It’s in the north-west direction of Dusty Divot(centre of the map). So, If you want to go Dusty Divot, then the easiest way to reach there is by air.

So, when you land on the POI, You have to run around until the Treasure appears in front of you. You will find it in the of three trees. Moreover, whenever it seems, You should use the button prompt to collect it.

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers is one of the biggest city on the map with many high-rises building. Fortnite introduced tilted towers first in patch 2.0 of season 2. However, a crater was created in the centre after a meteor hit it in season 4. Moreover, snow partially covered Tilted Tower in the Season 7.  It is one of the most popular areas on the Battle Royale Island.

Shifty Shaft

You can find Shifty Shafts at the south-western part of the Fortnite Season 7 Map. Moreover, its coordinate is D7, which is on the east of Polar Peak and south of Tilted Towers. It includes minecarts, buildings, and trucks.

Lucky Landing

You can locate Lucky Landing at the southern part of the Fortnite Map with the coordinate F10. Therefore, It is on the east of Happy Hamlet POI. Moreover, this town has several traditional Asian-inspired houses, monuments, and a pink cherry blossom tree.

Salty Spring

The coordinate for Salty Spring is F7. It is located on the southern part of fortnite. Salty Spring is a residential area. Moreover, it is nearby a gas station. Salty Springs has a blue home with a hidden bunker under it.

The Block

The location on The Block is the north-eastern side of the Fortnite Season 7 map. Its coordinate is H2. Moreover, you can see all the creations of creative mode here. The Block is a new POI replacing Risky Reels at the beginning of patch 7.0 of Season 7.

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Final Word

Fortnite Season 7 maps were the most complicated thing for me when I first started playing fortnite one year ago. In the beginning, I was a bit baffled that how fortnite will work with just one Map. However, after playing fortnite for straight seven seasons I can say that Fortnite keeps on updating its location every season. Moreover, these updates keep the gameplay fresh for users. So, if you have any queries then don’t forget to contact me via the comment section below.

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