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Epic Games recently released Battle pass season 7 for fortnite. If you don’t know what that is then let me tell you, It is a unique arrangement which is implemented by epic games to reward fortnite players for playing during a pre-established period known as a Season.

There are two types of the Battle Pass; one is freely available to you whereas the other one is available to purchase for everyone in the item shop. The second one is known as the Battle Pass itself. The free battle pass is known as “Free Pass in the game. However, most of the fortnite players, including me, use the term battle pass for both the type of pass with the current season. For example, Battle pass season 7 represents all the contents of season 7.

Battle Pass Season 7
Battle Pass Season 7

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What’s new in Battle Pass Royale Season 7


Battle Pass Season 7 has introduced two new pets: the first one is a little hamster named Hamirez, and a husky-looking dog Remus. However, Hamirez is the apparent winner out of two.


Battle pass Season 7 introduced new “wraps,” to which fortnite is calling its firearm and vehicle skins. So basically all it means is that, whenever you step into a vehicle or pick a weapon, it’ll set a custom skin on your standard looking items. However, skin needs to be active on your gun and car. It is similar to wrapping a paper theme.


Fortnite brings some new planes in season 7. However, for me, I adored the rickety wooden glider that has a bluebird along with it.


Battle Pass Season 7 introduced New toys including a throwable Burger head and, a hockey puck. You can use it in the new Creative Mode as fortnite allows you to make all types of lethal alternates such as Hockey and Golf.


Fortnite offers one pickaxe to everyone for free in the battle pass. However, the axe is not that much useful. You can combine it with back bling which makes it look like a big block of ice.

Back Bling

Similar to pets fortnite provides only two back blings in the game: first one ice cube and the other one is a wrapped AR(assault rifle) called “perfect present.” Moreover, I tried Perfect present with the elf skin that made it look perfect in the game. So, don’t forget to check it out.

Battle Royal Season 7 Skins

Fortnite introduced several skins from different tiers such as two skins in Tier 1, one skin in tier 1, 47, 71, 87 and 100. Now I will explain each skin from different levels one-by-one.

Lynx(Tier 1)

You can unlock this catlike uniform at Tier 1. Moreover, if you want to open different colours of the skin, then all you have to do is complete more tsk. For completing 35 weekly challenges, players will You can unravel a red version of this skin after completing 35 weekly challenges, and a wintry blue colour skin after completing 55 weekly challenges.

Zenith (Tier 1)

Do you want to unlock the yellow version of full winter suit(as discussed above)? If yes, then you can unlock it after completing more tasks. You can get it after Completing 25 weekly challenges. Moreover, if you finish 45 weekly obstacles, then you will get a sleek black suit.

Sgt. Winter (Tier 23)

If you want to unlock Sgt. Winter skin you have to complete daily challenges instead of completing weekly challenges. Since you only get one mission to finish in a day, that means you can within two weeks.

Powder (Tier 47), Trog (Tier 71), Onesie (Tier 87), The Ice King (Tier 100)

You get these skins by completing missions after the purchase of battle pass season 7.

Note- Fortnite’s battle pass season 7 is relatively similar to Royale pass season 5 of Pubg.

How much does Battle Pass Season 7 Cost?

Battle Pass Season 7

Battle Pass Season 7’s will cost costs you 950 V-Bucks, which is equal to $10 in the real-world money.

If you don’t want to complete missions then for this you can purchase the Battle Bundle. It will cost you 2,800 V-Bucks. It will grant you early access to 25 tiers.

Note: Fortnite uses V-Bucks as in-game virtual currency. You can purchase it from the shop.

  • Zenith Progressive Outfit.
  • Lynx Progressive Outfit(Tier 1).
  • Winter Outfit and Style Challenges.
  • A pet named Hamirez.
  • Tactical Sleigh Glider.
  • Arctic Camo Wrap.
  • Perfect Present Back Bling.
  • You get 300 V-Bucks along with it.
  • Single Music Track.
  • 70% Bonus Season Match XP.
  • String Lights Contrail.

Note- You can instantly unlock 11 items, after purchasing battle bundle pass

How can you level up your Battle Pass

battle pass season 7

If you want to level up your battle pass than I recommend you to follow these Points:

  • You need to play matches for completing the daily challenges. The more you play and win, the more your XP level will increase.
  • Whenever your XP level increases, you will get Battle Stars.
  • You can assume Battle Stars as XP if you want to level up your Battle Pass.
  • The more Battle Stars you earn, So, to gain more Battle Pass, you need to collect more stars.

How can you Increase your XP Points?

battle pass season 7

There are so much different ways for you to earn XP in Fortnite. However, your XP will regularly increase as you play the game. So if you want to get as much as possible XP ASAP, then you need to follow these points to improve your earnings.

  • It would be best if you survive longer in matches
  • You need to win a game with the highest number of kills.
  • If you complete a particular milestone on your Battle Pass will get an exclusive XP bonus.

How can you get Battle Stars

battle pass season 7

As I told you earlier, You can get Battle stars by levelling up your game. So, by playing fortnite regularly, you can get a reward in the form of Battle Stars. However, there are some bonuses that you don’t know about:

  • Every five levels, you will get five bonus Battle Stars.
  • After every ten levels, you will get ten bonus Battle Stars.
  • After playing Fortnite for some time, you’ll unlock an XP Boost which in turn will help you in speeding up your seasonal ranks. It will increase the rate at which you will earn Battle Stars.
  • You will get one Battle Star whenever you level up in a season.

Important points you need to know

  • If you don’t want to complete missions, then you can use V-Bucks at any time to increase your level quickly. However, this will cost you some extra bucks.
  • Moreover, if you want to increase your season tier by one, then you can pay instead of buying a fresh Battle Pass. So you can spend more whenever the new season arrives.
  • If you played the game for a while without purchasing Battle Pass, but you haven’t spent or do not want to spend money right now, then, later after the purchase of a battle pass, fortnite grants everything that you’ve earned so far up to level 20.
  • If any website offers V-Bucks to you for Free, then I advise staying away from them as those malicious may steal your data. Moreover, V-Bucks are only available in Fortnite for you.
  • Please don’t click on random links related to fortnite as they made lead you to a scam. So, I advise you to don’t trust any link without your research.
  • Don’t enter your Fortnite account login details anywhere outside of official Epic Games platforms
  • Moreover, If you want to play fortnite on your Android Smartphone then don’t search it on Google play store as it is not available there. So go straight to the official website of fortnite to download the game.

Final Words

As I am a full-time gamer, I started playing fortnite as soon as it was launched on PC. Fortnite has evolved too much from season 1 to season 7. I was amazed when fortnite launched Thanos character in the game. Epic games release new skins every season. However, those skins do not apply to some items. So, all I can hope is that we’ll be able to apply skins to all sorts of things in the future.

Battle Pass Season 7 has exceptional graphics and the best thing is there are no hackers, it runs smoothly, a small map and a whole lot of action.

Moreover, if you are a parent or children, I would say that fortnite is a very creative game as it allows you to build in the game. So if you haven’t tried fortnite yet, then, what are you waiting for just one click to register yourself for your respective device. If you want to install it on your Android Smartphone then click to download instantly.

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