AdGuard Premium APK: Download Latest v4.0.48 for Android Device

AdGuard Premium Apk is here to provide you with stress-free streaming. It is an ultimate remedy for all those guys who are frustrated by seeing repetitive pop-up ads. No matter whether you are using an app or visiting a web portal, ads are always there making it hard to enjoy the service. The apk helps you to enjoy ad-free streaming without paying any charges.

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What is AdGuard Premium Apk?

AdGuard Premium apk is a third-party app that helps you to block unwanted ads. It is one of the most advanced systems created to block all types of ads, web trackers, malware, spyware etc. The handy app comes with an easy installation process making it fit to use on most of the Operating systems.  

In this digital era when every app is working like a data collector. Big giants are using this data for their ad campaigns, product development. But AdGuard Premium Apk cares for your privacy of data at top priority. Anyone can use it without worrying about any risks of data theft or hacking issues.       

Features of AdGuard Premium Apk

Some of the highlighting features that make AdGuard Premium Apk best among its competitors are as given below:-

  • It will help you to block irritating commercials from Games, Web browser, Apps.
  • Almost all types of ads can be blocked. Some of the ad examples are banner, pop up, push etc.
  • Apart from blocking ads, it will also safeguard yourself from any kind of hacking risk by blocking malware installation on your device.
  • It won’t store your DNS logs making it safe to use without any making any compromise with your privacy.
  • The app indirectly makes your data stay longer as most of your data are consumed by unwanted pop-up ads.
  • You can always unblock any site simply by adding their URL in the whitelist.
  • It allows you to block sites you don’t wish to visit by applying filters or using custom URLs to block inappropriate sites. 
  • The AdGuard Premium Apk is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Yandex, Microsoft Edge.
  • Just like incognito, it has Stealth mode that doesn’t leave a single footstep on the web saving yourself from online scammers.
  • You can also block spam emails and messages from blacklisted or scam websites by using the Domain Name filtering system.  

Download AdGuard Premium Apk on Your Android Smartphone?

Anyone can download & install AdGuard Premium Apk on Android smartphone by following the steps given below:-

  • Hit the download button below and save the apk file on your device.
  • Do not forget to enable download from unknown sources before Installing apps other than Google Play store.

AdGuard Premium APK: Download Latest v4.0.48 for Android Device 1

  • Open the file manager and select AdGuard Premium Apk.
  • Now, tap on the install button to start installation on your device.
  • As soon as the installation completes an app icon will appear in the device menu automatically.
  • Tap that app icon to open it.
  • Allow permission required by the app to enable protection.
  • Now you are all set to enjoy the app on your device.

adguard premium apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why the app is not available on Google Play store?

A- Google policy doesn’t allow any app that blocks ads across the web. That’s why AdGuard Premium Apk was removed from Google play store.

Q- Does it need to root my device to use AdGuard Premium Apk?

A- AdGuard Premium Apk is a root free app that works on all devices, unlike other apps it can be used with VPN as well.

Q- What are the charges to use AdGuard?

A- AdGuard Premium Apk is a completely free app that doesn’t bound you to pay any charges.

Q- AdGuard Premium doesn’t work perfectly as I can still see some ads on my device?

A- To make AdGuard Premium apk more effective enable HTTPS filtering along with high-quality filtering mode in advanced settings.


That’s all for today, As per my own experience, AdGuard Premium Apk is the best way to block unwanted commercials. Indirectly the app helps you to increase productivity, smooth streaming, making your data stay longer. 

If you like the information given here do share it with your friends and family members. Mention all your issues remained unsolved in the comment box given below. Our team of experienced writers will try their best to provide a researched piece of information in our upcoming posts.    

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